Monday, December 7, 2009

It seems like yesterday I kept getting tons of bad news from people. One of my good friends was dealing with her friend's newborn getting staph infection and being pretty sick, another friend was dealing with some pretty bad news about her soon to be father in law, and another family was having to make the choice of taking their 4 year old daughter off life support. I just got really down in the dumps thinking how I didn't understand why these things happen. Then I started thinking about how glad I am that I don't have to try to understand these things because I am not in charge. If I was, I can tell you things would be pretty messed up. I have really never been one of those moms to worry too much about SIDS, car wrecks, or other uncontrollable factors. I figure I just have to give my kids to God and pray they are safe. If it's up to me to keep them safe the rest of their life it won't happen. Obviously, I do my part along the way. I mean, I don't let Trey ride down the road unbuckled out of his seat with the door wide open and pray he won't fall out. That would just be dumb...

Right now I am just really thankful for my 2 healthy kids that we have been so blessed with. God has seen their future and knows what it will be and I just have to trust that He will help me along the way.

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