Monday, February 28, 2011

Uneventful Week!

Not much out of the ordinary has been happening around here lately. Well, except for last night when I felt the earthquake that happened in Greenbriar while I was laying in bed! It was so odd and not really something I am a fan of! I really thought someone/something had hit our house. Our bed started shaking and I heard a real low grumble. However, this did not seem to affect J.O.'s ability to sleep at all.

This is a pretty boring post but just thought I would throw out a quick update on the kids. Addison is still doing great. She is back to being cut off quite often (from food) and throwing regular tantrums. She is picking up so much from Trey and loves to play pretend games with him. She copies EVERYTHING he says and does. For example, tonight he came into the kitchen and told me he was "Benten the Alien". Addison immediately repeated, "I Benten Alien" and they started fighting me. She has pretty much got the ABC song mastered and counting to 10 down. We need to work on potty training again cause it pretty much went out the window when she had diarrhea for a year (or maybe 2 weeks). She still loves sleeping in her big girl bed and doesn't make me lay next to her anymore and pat her back. She lays right down, we read a book, say a prayer, she demands 1 Hershey kiss and she goes to sleep. I have learned my lesson on the Hershey kiss night she fell asleep holding it and the next morning it was everywhere! From now on it goes in the mouth immediately!

Trey is slowly starting to learn to read. He started by sounding out words on the bottles at dinnertime (bottles such as dressing bottles or pepper containers....!!) Then I got out the set of Bob books we got him for Christmas and he was able to sound out pretty much all of those books. These books are awesome by the way and really help kids learn to sight read. After that they are able to recognize the words in other books and associate sounds with them. They are all pretty much 3 and 4 letter words so they are awesome for very beginning readers. We are slowly branching out from these books and I have copied a Kindergarten sight word list we are working on now. He loves to do these kind of things and gets so proud when he gets a word right. The other day I heard him tell someone he was so smart. We may need to work on humility!

All is great!!

Monday, February 21, 2011


A view from the inside of the plane!

Leaving New Orleans.....

Arriving in New Orleans...

A wedding procession down the French Quarter

I don't understand these guys...would it not be easier to get a real job than to stand here all day for a few bucks. I mean, he didn't even do anything!

Our view from breakfast one morning

The best pancakes I have ever had

So, J.O. and I just got back from a very fun weekend in New Orleans! I have to say that flying was well worth any anxiety I may have had. J.O.s big boss man (the owner of the company) has 2 private planes and he let us take one to the conference. Now, J.O. has used it before and assured me it's a jet and extremely safe etc. However, all I pictured was a puddle jumper/propeller type plane.
We dropped off the kids in Searcy and headed to the Searcy airport to wait on the plane to get there. There were all kinds of tiny planes sitting around and I really thought I may get sick. Thankfully though at that time I heard a monster flying overhead and heard J.O.'s boss say that must be our plane. When it landed I was very happy to see that the plane was indeed a small jet and not something with propellers. We landed in NOLA about an hour later and that was pretty awesome! Their were tons of big private planes sitting around and people getting picked up everywhere in black Cadillacs. Don't worry though, our orange taxi minivan whisked us away in no time! I may hate to fly, but I have decided this is the way to do it!
We had a great time and enjoyed spending a weekend away! The kids didn't miss us a bit and got to do fun things with Cece and PJ. Trey rode a tractor, gator and lawn mower all in one day! Needless to say, he wasn't too ready to see us.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Quick Catch Up!

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth but I feel like we have been busier than ever lately (if that's even possible!). I love seeing everyone's cute pics from Valentines Day but to be honest our house didn't do a thing! I came down with some sort of odd illness Sunday that lasted until Tuesday so I pretty much stayed in bed (except for the few hours Monday I went to work and tried to keep 5 year olds from killing each other) and didn't get out. Poor J.O. ate leftovers in front of the t.v. by himself after he put the kids to bed. However, I don't feel too sorry for him since every day is like Valentines Day around here. HA!

I'm feeling much better now just in time to board a plane Friday for New Orleans! J.O. has a conference there each year (and by conference I mean one meet and greet Saturday night) so I get to tag along. He got his itinerary the other day and literally every meal is planned for and bought already. Last year we ate at some of the best restaurants I have ever been to! The one minor glitch this year is we are flying. Yes, I understand it's much faster than driving but I am terrified to fly! I have my anxiety meds ready to go (thanks sis!) I just hope they don't make me too crazy in front of J.O.'s boss man. Trey cannot wait for us to go. He keeps telling me he gets to spend 2 nights at Cece's because I'm going out of town. I will miss you too bub.

In Addison news I took them shoe shopping today and the whole process literally took about 15 minutes. Pretty awesome huh? Not when you account for the fact that Addison had 2 temper tantrums over shoes and sunglasses. She laid in the floor and screamed, "I not try that pair on, I want these!" and demanded the exact same pair of Sketcher light up shoes she had just outgrown. So, guess which ones I bought?? Then, she threw fit number 2 when I wouldn't buy her a massive pair of purple plastic sunglasses on the way out. She literally laid in the floor again and yelled, "buy me purple!" Being the good mom I am, I calmly spoke to her and talked her through her tantrum. Or, I told her whatever, I was leaving and proceeded to walk outside while she was laying there (yes, I could still see her). Trey began yelling, "Yeah mom lets go, let's just leave her here." Needless to say, Addison threw the glasses down and ran out.

P.S. Older woman at Hibbett sports who witnessed all this and kept giving me the evil eye.....I'm sure your kids were perfect angels and parents now have no control blah blah blah, but you may consider investing in some of those purple sunglasses yourself so we don't have to see you judging.

Monday, February 7, 2011

2 year check and random things

Her new bedding!

Addison inspecting her feet at the doctor and determining they were "goss" (gross).

Still concerned about the feet.
These are all iphone pics....that explains the poor lighting!
There hasn't been too much going on here lately which is actually really good considering the past few weeks we have had. Addison had her 2 year checkup last week and she is doing great! One thing about Addison is that she talked extremely early and in full sentences. Trey was just starting to really talk a lot around age 2 but Addison has spoken in paragraphs for some time. The doctor was asking me if Addison was able to communicate and put simple phrases together and at that time she looked at me and said, "Doctor hurt me, I'm ready to go." Dr. Wilson just said okay and went on about her business! Addison is still in the 75% for height and weight and 10% on head. Poor Trey is in the 20-30% on height and weight and 75% on head.

Trey is doing great! He still loves doing all things "learning" and spends most of his day arguing with me or pointing out things that he doesn't agree with. J.O. and I spend a lot of our time explaining things to him and giving him reasons. He is not a child just to accept things "just because".

We are supposed to get more snow Wednesday....BOO! I'm so ready for spring!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Big 2!!

Bunking party in Addys new bed...this lasted about 20 minutes because they just kept playing.

Hadley dominating the play ice cream cones Addy got....the only thing that made them taste better was dipping them in Bella's dog water.

Addison holding baby Lyla!!

Actually smiling while holding her!!

Hadley: "you gonna give me the balloon or do I need to take it from you??"

Presents!! Check out the precious shirt Ashley made her!! (I don't know how to add links so click on her blog to see her great stuff... )

Cece! Gotta love Addison's pursed lips.

I can't believe Addison is 2! It literally seems like yesterday we were at the hospital bright and early waiting for her to arrive. Dr. Marks got me settled in and of course J.O. and I were anticipating what meal we would be able to eat next.... (in our defense we had to skip breakfast!) Dr. Marks bet it would a late afternoon snack and J.O. and I had bet on an early dinner. However, in true Addison style she wasted no time in arriving in this world. I got my pitocin at 7am, epidural around 8:30am and she was born at 10:02am. I started yelling at the nurse around 9:50 that she was coming and she assured me that it would still take a bit and Dr. Marks would make it. I proceeded to yell a few things back (all very nice, just in a forceful tone!) and Dr. Marks literally walked in around 5 minutes before she was born. Addison was born screaming and hasn't really stopped yet! She is such a blessing and really keeps me on my toes all the time. Everything is done her way or no way and we pretty much have just adjusted to living in her world!
We had a wonderful family get together for her birthday and I couldn't have asked for a better day. The kids were able to go outside and play the whole time! It was a huge change from last year when we had to reschedule her party due to snow!! We decided to keep this one small for 3 reasons: 1) she's 2!!! 2) our lives have been soooo crazy with school, work, sickness, etc, I decided no unnecessary pressure 3) Trey's birthday is in May and he has apparently decided to party like its 1999. I think we are gonna have to take out a small loan for the bash he has prepared.