Friday, May 13, 2011

New Job!

I am so excited about getting a job at Arkansas Baptist in the fall!  I will be teaching pre-k again which is actually a relief considering that is the only thing I know right now!  I also actually really enjoy teaching that age so I am pretty excited.  It has been crazy the way everything has worked out.  A few years ago when I decided to go back to school I did it with the intention of finding a job in a private school to enable our kids to go there.  However, at the time I was at UALR and the only thing they offered was a degree in teaching grades 7-12.  I spent a semester in this program and realized I didn't really enjoy kids who looked older than me and scared me.  So....I decided to keep working for James and wait until Addy was a little older to figure it out.  Well, last year I found the program at UCA and figured out I could get my masters in teaching p-4.  I have loved this program and am so glad I switched.  When I started looking for jobs I still had private school in the back of my mind but also wanted to look at public because private schools don't have a whole lot of turnover and I thought I should keep my options open. 

I had a couple of great connections at the public schools around here but just never felt great about it.  I ended up interviewing at Arkansas Baptist and fell in love with the school.  It was a great interview and I was praying I would get the job.  Plus, I knew the environment would be GREAT for Trey.'s so amazing how it has all worked out.  J.O. and I know without a doubt that next year I am where God wants me to be and I guess we will see what happens along the way!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Birthday Party!

The Birthday Boy!

Trey on his throne ready to open presents!
Happy Birthday!

Trey and his friend Abbigail playing.

Trey and Cece getting ready to go!

Addison loved it as much as everyone else!

Hadley getting geared up to play!

She wouldn't be still long enough for a picture!

This is what the sleepover consisted of...lots of wii games.

Addison before church this morning that we didn't get to go to because of flooded roads!

Well, Saturday was Trey's big birthday bash and he had such a great time! There were several friends that came and he enjoyed running around and playing with everyone. He was so exhausted after the party and sleepover with Ethan that he actually came home and crashed in bed for a nap! That NEVER happens! I still can't believe my "baby" is turning 5 Wednesday! So crazy!!

We are heading to Tulsa to celebrate Hadleys 2nd birthday Saturday and can't wait!