Friday, May 13, 2011

New Job!

I am so excited about getting a job at Arkansas Baptist in the fall!  I will be teaching pre-k again which is actually a relief considering that is the only thing I know right now!  I also actually really enjoy teaching that age so I am pretty excited.  It has been crazy the way everything has worked out.  A few years ago when I decided to go back to school I did it with the intention of finding a job in a private school to enable our kids to go there.  However, at the time I was at UALR and the only thing they offered was a degree in teaching grades 7-12.  I spent a semester in this program and realized I didn't really enjoy kids who looked older than me and scared me.  So....I decided to keep working for James and wait until Addy was a little older to figure it out.  Well, last year I found the program at UCA and figured out I could get my masters in teaching p-4.  I have loved this program and am so glad I switched.  When I started looking for jobs I still had private school in the back of my mind but also wanted to look at public because private schools don't have a whole lot of turnover and I thought I should keep my options open. 

I had a couple of great connections at the public schools around here but just never felt great about it.  I ended up interviewing at Arkansas Baptist and fell in love with the school.  It was a great interview and I was praying I would get the job.  Plus, I knew the environment would be GREAT for Trey.'s so amazing how it has all worked out.  J.O. and I know without a doubt that next year I am where God wants me to be and I guess we will see what happens along the way!!

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