Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Well, you always hear that older kids start regressing when a new baby comes. I have been preparing myself that Trey will probably want all of her things and may start having more trouble potty training and so forth. However, I didn't know that it would start happening before she came. The other day I went into her bedroom and found Trey laying in her crib playing with her mobile. He pulled the bedspread over himself and wanted to stay in there forever. I didn't make it any better because I thought it was so funny so he woudn't take me seriously when I told him he needed to get out. It is so easy for him to climb in her crib because her mattress is so high. All he has to do is put one foot on the bed and stand on the mattress and throw himself over. I'm sure once she gets here, he will climb in there with her more than once. Oh well, it was pretty funny and kept him occupied for a few minutes! I'm sure there are worse things than laying in a crib cuddled up with a pink blanket...right?

I will post pictures of her bedroom after Christmas. Right now you would be wondering how she was going to fit in the room with all the presents and junk scattered around the place!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Preggo Brain...

Okay, so I have always heard that you forget things when you are pregnant, but I guess I don't remember that from being pregnant with Trey. (huh, so I guess it really happens) Anyway, last week I woke up in the middle of the night and started freaking out because I thought I had forgotten to mail one of the hostesses for my baby shower a thank you card. I mean, I could not stop worrying about this. The next day I emailed her and was telling her how sorry I was..etc. etc..and she just emailed me back and said I had sent her a card about a month ago. Oops...

Then, our dog, BELLA needed a new dog bed because hers was torn up. I wrote her name in all caps so you can catch that she has a definite girl name. Anyway, I was at PetSmart looking at all of them and wishing I could get the cute pink one that came with a pink blanket but instead I went with the blue one with a blue fuzzy blanket since our dog was a boy. I told myself next dog would be a girl so we could buy pink. Then I got in the car and called J.O. and was telling him how I got a cute dog bed but I really wish BELLA was a girl so I could get the pink one. He just said, "huh" and then I realized that our dog of 3 years was indeed a girl. Luckily, J.O. has been through crazy pregnant girl before and knew better than to say anything. The point of this long story is to ask you just to shake your head and nod at whatever I may say for the next month and a half because it may not make any sense at all.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Cards!

This year has been a very hard year to get a good Christmas picture of Trey. He is into the fake smiling and just won't sit still very long. We took him to see Santa and I bought the picture because it was hilarious. I would run over and pull Trey's pants down and as soon as I would walk away, Santa would pull them back up on accident. This went on about 3 times until Mrs. Clause finally picked one for me and said it looked fine. When I got home and really looked at the picture I noticed Santa also looked like he was hovering over Trey about to attach him. Needless to say that one is not going on a Christmas card.

Luckily, my friend loves taking pictures and takes great pictures and volunteered to come over and take some. I think she saw the dilemma in getting a good one after a few minutes though. She kept at it though and we got a lot of really cute ones! However, after all of that I have still decided I am skipping the Christmas cards this year. I am just going to blame it on the bad economy like everyone else does. SO....consider this my card...Merry Christmas and we hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday!


The Normans