Monday, January 19, 2009


Yes, I realize it has been a while since I posted last, but I have not had the motivation to sit down and do this for some time. I mean, it's hard to fit everything into your day and still make it to bed by 8:00pm! Christmas was great this year. Trey got some great gifts but no one went too overboard. You can see in the pictures below that he is concentrating super hard on working on his computer and figuring it all out! I also put another picture of him trying out Addisons bouncy chair. I promise, I DO NOT put him in these things he does it himself! I walked out of the room the other day for a second and came back in to find him strapped in and trying out the toys. It only takes about 5 seconds though for him to realize he is super bored but stuck because he is too big to get out on his own. J.O. and I were talking the other day and can't believe he will be 3 in a few short months!!

Addison is scheduled to arrive January 29th. To say I am ready is an understatement.....I am enjoying the last few weeks of uninterrupted sleep, but I am also very tired of being pregnant. I went to the doctor today and things are progressing but rather slowly! I gained an unheard of amount of weight in 1 week but Im sure it's just water weight and has nothing to do with all the brownies I have been eating every night. You know you are at the end though when you don't even really care that much. In fact, I can't wait until I have another brownie after dinner tonight.

There really isn't too much going on right now that would excite anyone, but I just thought I would check in for the couple of people who read this! :) If you want to say a prayer the morning of the 29th I would greatly appreciate it! I hope to walk in and have her super quick and not feel a thing....(it's my blog, I will imagine how I want.)