Saturday, December 18, 2010

Santa and Christmas Program

Santa outfit. Not too sure about the face.

Trey is on the front row in the middle. He is concentrating hard on looking down singing "Away in a Manger."

Getting ready to go......

More concentrated singing....

Addison's group. She is the top row on the far right.

Proud momma!

Let me start by saying, Trey LOVES the thought of Santa and wholeheartedly believes in Santa. However, he is just one of those people who question everything and needs concrete evidence for everything to make sense. There is really nothing you can tell him that he will just take at face value. This makes Santa extremely hard because he questions everything about him. I don't have a problem with pretending Santa is real or playing up the whole idea but I don't like it when all his questions cause me to flat out lie. It's getting difficult but I would never want to ruin the fun for him.

Anyway, we went to see Santa last Saturday at the mall...that was an ordeal in itself. We waited in line for 45 mins only for Addison to get up there and go balistic but at this point she didn't have a choice. The money had been paid and she was going to sit on Santas lap! Or maybe I sat on Santas lap and she sat on mine screaming, "bye bye Santa Cause, bye bye Santa Cause." Anyway, so Trey told Santa everything he wanted and loved seeing him. Well, on Tuesday night Trey came up to me and asked me why Santa asked him if he had been good when he saw him at the mall. I didn't know why he was asking this but I just said because he needs to know. Well, Trey then told me that Santa already said he had been good in the letter he had written him and so why did he need to ask again. This is why this gets tricky.....I just said he was just double checking.

Fast forward to Friday at school when Santa stopped by and paid everyone a visit. All the kids were sitting on his lap and telling him what he wanted and then my son got up there. I heard Santa ask him what he wanted and Trey just looked at him and said, "remember, I just saw you at the mall and told you everything." You already know." Santa then got over his shock and said of course I remember you and have your list. I just shrugged and shook my head. I really hope he figures it out next year because I don't know how much more lying I can handle without some major guilt trips. It's also extremely hard work to keep him from figuring it out. It does make it all worth it though when he starts jumping up and down and screaming from excitement because Santa is almost here.

On to the Christmas program...both kids were in it this year and did a great job. It is such a neat production that the school does each year and we work very hard on it for sure!! Trey had a solo part in the 12 days of Christmas and he nailed it! I was worried he would get nervous when he saw all the people (the church had people lined around the walls and standing all at the back it was so full! Luckily someone who works there taped off a whole pew up front early for my family!!) but he did awesome. Addison was so cute too and swayed and sang and waved at us the whole time.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Big Winner!

So, I am seriously one of those people who don't have much luck winning prizes. I know everyone says that but I'm for real. However, I am sooo pumped that I actually won a blog giveaway! It's a gift card to a CSN store and they have so many things. What would you get? I have a hard time with decisions. You can google CSN Stores to see what they have. I'm serious...I would like input. Thanks Ashley at!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Addison and Trey update!

I like to just give an update on Addison and Trey every now and then so I will have record of what all they were up to at this age. I don't scrapbook or keep a good baby book, so hopefully the ole' blog can help me out one day.

Trey is a very active 4 1/2 year old. He has become very inquisitive over the last few months and nothing is black and white anymore. He has also become very argumentative and never lets anything go! This year has been so exciting because this is his first year to really understand and get super excited about Christmas. However, because he is so inquisitive he makes it really hard. Just the other day we got our Elf on the Shelf book down and started reading it. After we read it this was our conversation:

Trey: So where does the Elf go every night?

Me: He flies back to Santa.

Trey: Well, where is the real elf cause this one can't fly he's a toy.

Me: Santa gives him magic powers to fly.

Trey: Well this elf can't talk.

Me: Santa gives him power to talk to.

Trey: Well if Santa can do all that why does he need an elf to fly back at night. He can just see for himself.

Me: Oh good grief Trey...just believe the book it's for fun.

Then he came out of his room at 9:45 that night and said, "I've been watching the elf and he's still sitting there."

It's funny though because in the morning when I moved the elf he got really excited. It's like he forgot he didn't believe the elf could go. I guess I should be glad he questions everything but sometimes it gets really exhausting. Some days I feel like all I do is argue with a 4 year old.

He's getting really close to blending some words and still loves to add and subtract. I think all of that just goes into his inquisitive nature. He wants to find out as much as he can about everything!

Addison is definitely into the defiant 2's! Everything is "NO" or "AGHH" (thats her growl/scream) and then she runs away. It's also really funny when someone she doesn't know really well talks to her or tries to tell her to do something because she gets this pouty look and just stares at her feet. She talks so much more than Trey did at her age. She talks in complete sentences and repeats absolutely everything she hears. She also loves to tattle and spends most of her time running to me telling me what "Bubby" just did.

She is slowly getting into singing songs and currently loves "Twinkle Twinkle" and "Jingle Bells." The only way I can get her to lay still through a diaper change is to either sing one of these songs or have her point out body parts. Both of which she is getting tired of. Most diaper changes consist of her yanking her leg up, yelling no and then her eventually winning and staying naked around the house. She refuses to wear panties or pull ups and for those who know Addison you know that I generally let her do what she wants!! :)

Addison and Trey are in such a fun stage together. They play together all the time and love each other so much. There are some days that they will literally play for hours together in the play room without any problems. However, there are also lots of days that they fight, hit, scream and both end up spending most of the afternoon separated in time out. I have to say though this is my favorite age for both of them by far. (I say that every time). I feel so blessed to have such great healthy kids!!