Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great Memorial Day weekend around here. We went to my grandmothers lake house Sunday and had so much fun. We decided last minute to spend the night and Im really glad we did. My aunt and uncle and their kids were staying too and Trey is obsessed with all of them. However, all of their kids are 18, 17, and 12 so when they heard a 16 mth old and 4 year old were crashing the party Im sure they were pretty nervous about how early they would be woken up. The only bad part is we had Addison in our room with us and that did not go so well. I put Trey to bed and Addison was sleeping soundly on the other side of her room in the pack n play. Then J.O. went in there to "quietly" tell Trey good night and suddenly Addison was standing up in her bed staring at us. I knew then that we would have a problem. I made Trey leave the room until she fell back asleep and then we were going to sneak him back in. However, 30 minutes later when I tried to take him back in, she shot up again and was staring at us. So, I made him army crawl into the room and I hid him in our bed where she couldn't see him. (the room is really large and has a trundle bed on one side and queen bed on the other) Well, that seemed to work so they both fell asleep. I left the room and felt really good about us all sharing one big room. Yeah right...when I came to bed an hour later Addison shot up again staring at me and basically told me that I was crazy if she thought I was going to sleep in the big bed and watch her sleep in the crib. So, what did I do? I spanked her and told her that she would sleep where I made her.....

HA! OR, I grabbed her quickly so she wouldn't wake up Trey and allowed her to do whatever she wanted. It was the longest night ever. She would sleep on me for a minute and then decided she wanted her bed. Then she would wake up crying and decide she wanted our bed again and on and on and on. At one point when we were "sleeping" she just leaned up and head butted me in her sleep. It was one of those hard ones where tears come to your eyes and you can't really see straight. At that point I actually started praying for the Lord to come back right then. In case you don't know me very well I become very dramatic and cranky when dealing with lack of sleep. Eventually Addison did fall asleep for a few minutes at a time and we got up and enjoyed a great day on the lake. It just made me extremely thankful for the separate bedrooms we all came home to!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Here is a little video of Trey playing on the beach with his new friend. This is what they did 99% of the time unless they were digging holes with their shovels. Apparently, according to Trey, the water was the monster and they had to run from it.

P.S. No, J.O. did not stand by them like a bodyguard the whole time, but for some reason he was right here!!

Beach Trip 2010

Trey with the "crossbite" smile.

...and again.

Addison trying to figure out where to go next.

Gearing up for round number 2 on the beach.

Fun night out on the town!

Wow, another beach trip has come and gone. It's so hard for me to believe that this is Treys 4th beach trip with the "Norman" side of the family (5 total because my family went one year), 2nd for Addison, 10th for me, and gazillionith for J.O. We have loved the beach tradition each year and plan to try really hard to keep it up.
This year though may have been my favorite year yet. Trey made a friend the first day and played with him all week, so I actually got some laying out time and it was so much fun to watch them play together in the sand and water. He was also old enough to stay out on the beach and at the pool all day. Normally, J.O. and I get very limited beach time but this year we were able to be outside all morning, take a quick lunch break and then head to the pool. Luckily, with so many people someone was always in the house if Addison needed a break or nap. Addison however, did not enjoy it as much as Trey did. She didn't hate it with the passion that Trey did his first year, but pretty close. She would get a grain of sand on her hands and just hold them in my face until I had wiped them completely clean. She also wouldn't let me take her hat or sunglasses off the entire time she was outside, so she was pretty much just a little diva who wanted to lounge in the chair. The other girls loved the sand and pretty much couldn't understand what Addison's fuss was all about. Luckily, Addison did enjoy the pool so every afternoon after nap we would go to the pool to try to get her really worn out for bedtime. At one point Addison was in the 1 ft kiddie pool and I turned around and Addison decided to dive in the water. I yanked her up and after a few minutes of sneezing and coughing she was good to go again.
We are so thankful for another fun year at the beach and just hope to continue the tradition each year. It's really something we look forward to year around!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

T-ball, birthdays and more...

She has it rough while watching games.
Trey with King Candy at Hadleys party!

The siren in our backyard that almost caused our death.

Hadley carefully placing cake in her mouth.

Let's go Red Sox!

Wow, I have been a terrible blogger lately. I'm so sorry to keep everyone on edge about what our family has been up to. This weekend was so busy. Friday, we about got wiped off the map from the tornado, Saturday, Hadley had her 1st bday party and Sunday, Trey had his 4th bday party. It was a super fun but hectic weekend. It all started on Friday night when Trey and I decided to go to my parents to escape our tornado siren from going off all night. The siren is literally in our backyard and pretty much scares the mess out of you when it goes off. It's like someone with a bullhorn is screaming in your ear..."you are about to get hit by a tornado, you may die." over and over again. So, I had the great idea to just run Trey out to my parents super fast and he could get a peaceful nights sleep away from the siren. My parents have lived in their house forever (literally) and tornado's never come by their house. Well, halfway there J.O. starts calling and telling me to hurry because its coming close. I start freaking out and yelling at the person in front of me going 35 to move over, etc. I whip into my parents and my dad tells us we should probably get into the bathroom. When my dad says this I'm pretty much convinced that it's about to wipe their house off the map. They NEVER get in the bathroom for tornado's. Meanwhile I talk to J.O. and he is hanging out at home with hardly any rain. Sweet. Long story short...the tornado missed my parents and we will never leave for sirens again. We will wear ear plugs and deal with it.

On to T-Ball. We are full force in the middle of t-ball and it's been fun so far. Trey enjoys getting out there and playing in the outfield and hitting the ball. His running though has a lot to be desired. He pretty much walks/jogs/prances about as slow as humanly possible. I mean, I'm not Jackie Joyner or anything (I think that's her) but seriously. It's almost painful to watch.

Now to birthdays. Hadley and Trey both had their parties this weekend and they were lots of fun. Hadley had a candy land themed party complete with a visit from King Candy, and Trey had a baseball party. Thankfully the weather was clear on Sunday so they were able to spend most of the party jumping on his new trampoline and playing outside. It was a lot of fun and I am having such a hard time believing he is 4. His actual birthday is tomorrow and he gets to celebrate by going to the dentist for a teeth cleaning!! Fun huh?

Lastly, the beach. We leave Saturday to head to Gulf Shores with the whole Norman crew (minus and Trey is super excited about this too. I however, am a little nervous about the oil spill situation. I am picturing J.O. walking out of the water with a dead fish on his shoulder and all of us running around with masks on from the smell. My mom's suggestion was just to throw a match in the water and see what happens if we get bored. Hopefully it won't be as bad there yet, but you never know. I'm counting on the pool and a little section of sand that we can play in. Should be interesting!