Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great Memorial Day weekend around here. We went to my grandmothers lake house Sunday and had so much fun. We decided last minute to spend the night and Im really glad we did. My aunt and uncle and their kids were staying too and Trey is obsessed with all of them. However, all of their kids are 18, 17, and 12 so when they heard a 16 mth old and 4 year old were crashing the party Im sure they were pretty nervous about how early they would be woken up. The only bad part is we had Addison in our room with us and that did not go so well. I put Trey to bed and Addison was sleeping soundly on the other side of her room in the pack n play. Then J.O. went in there to "quietly" tell Trey good night and suddenly Addison was standing up in her bed staring at us. I knew then that we would have a problem. I made Trey leave the room until she fell back asleep and then we were going to sneak him back in. However, 30 minutes later when I tried to take him back in, she shot up again and was staring at us. So, I made him army crawl into the room and I hid him in our bed where she couldn't see him. (the room is really large and has a trundle bed on one side and queen bed on the other) Well, that seemed to work so they both fell asleep. I left the room and felt really good about us all sharing one big room. Yeah right...when I came to bed an hour later Addison shot up again staring at me and basically told me that I was crazy if she thought I was going to sleep in the big bed and watch her sleep in the crib. So, what did I do? I spanked her and told her that she would sleep where I made her.....

HA! OR, I grabbed her quickly so she wouldn't wake up Trey and allowed her to do whatever she wanted. It was the longest night ever. She would sleep on me for a minute and then decided she wanted her bed. Then she would wake up crying and decide she wanted our bed again and on and on and on. At one point when we were "sleeping" she just leaned up and head butted me in her sleep. It was one of those hard ones where tears come to your eyes and you can't really see straight. At that point I actually started praying for the Lord to come back right then. In case you don't know me very well I become very dramatic and cranky when dealing with lack of sleep. Eventually Addison did fall asleep for a few minutes at a time and we got up and enjoyed a great day on the lake. It just made me extremely thankful for the separate bedrooms we all came home to!

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