Thursday, June 3, 2010

Stay at Home Mom

My new way of wearing Trey out and keeping Addison occupied.

A few months ago, J.O. and I decided that now was the best time for me to stop working for James (FIL) and start back to school to finish my Masters in Teaching. I was pretty excited but also very nervous at the same time. I have always thought about being a teacher but the time was never right to go back to school. I started once when I was 7 months preggo and that was the dumbest idea ever. After I had Addison I had no desire to leave her and finish school so I decided I would finish when the timing was right. Well, a year and a half later I think I'm ready.

I have really enjoyed staying home with the kids but I have learned quickly that if our kids ever want a shot at going to college one day I really need to work. I have to admit the part I love best though is the mornings. When I was working we were so rushed to get up and out of the house at a time that I consider early! Now, we can lay around in our pajamas and not rush to go anywhere! However, I think Trey probably busts me out on this one though. The other day we were playing with his stuffed animals on his bed and he had a mom, dad, Addy, and Trey (they were very manly stuffed animals, J.O.) and he acted like he was "Trey" waking up in the morning. He said, "I'm going to go in the kitchen and see daddy while he's getting ready for work and then I will go in the bedroom and see you still sleeping." Thanks Trey.
I start classes next Monday and already have my first assignment due Friday. Can't wait to see how this goes with 2 kids at my feet all day!
In Addison news she is getting so big. She says pretty much anything and is definitely in full temper tantrum mode. She throws fits all day long if something doesn't go her way. They aren't small grunting fits either. They are full out throw yourself on the floor with huge tears until the second you pick her up. I swear this kid can produce tears on a dime. Her favorite game at the second is scooping big piles of Bellas dog food and throwing it in the trash can. Poor Bella is dropping weight by the second. She also enjoys bringing me food out of the pantry all day long. 99% of the time the "food" she brings me is oreos. What can I say? She has her moms sweet tooth for sure! She is learning where her body parts are and she loves to lift my shirt up and show off my belly. Pretty embarrassing when you are walking into walmart and your belly hasn't seen the light of day since high school. Oh well. Maybe that should be some motivation!
We plan on spending the summer swimming and getting ready for Trey to start Pre-K in the fall. Addison is also starting MDO in the fall and I already feel sorry for her poor teachers. She is following in Trey's footsteps at the school and I have a feeling the teachers will see quickly how different they are!!

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