Thursday, March 17, 2011

Being Still....

I'm a planner. I like to know what's happening and stick to a plan. For instance, we are going to the beach in July and I have already discussed with J.O. what time we need to leave. I have also talked to Cecily about borrowing her bike to ride but first I'm going to get rates for renting bikes in Destin to save on car space. True story. I will most likely know before we leave which nights we will eat out and which nights we will cook, when we will shop, etc. I am not someone who is compulsive about plans but I need a good plan in my head and I typically stick to it.

It's funny though because in so many other areas I procrastinate. Oh well.

However, I am going to be looking for a job in the fall and today I kinda got knocked down and had to be reminded to Be Still. I can't make big plans for the fall because I don't know where I will be teaching. I also can't stress about every little detail because I don't know what will happen. I can't "make" things happen the way I think they should. All I can do is apply to schools and wait and pray. Much easier said than done.

"Be still and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Swim lessons!

There are some things you just know you can check off the list for your child when he/she gets older. For instance, I'm pretty sure my parents knew I wouldn't become a great athlete the first time they saw me attempt to play softball. I'm also doubting James and Cecily ever thought J.O. would take home the gold in track (he's not the fastest kid on the block) and I am feeling extremely confident that Trey is never gonna give Michael Phelps a run for his money.

The first day of lessons he did fine and tolerated what his teacher asked him to do. He understood that he was going to be safe and no one would let him drown or eaten by sharks (the child has a few irrational fears). By the 3rd lesson though he was over it. He cried when she tried to put his face in the water and he made me sit by him the whole time. He did eventually get in and kick his feet but it wasn't anything to cheer about. (although I did and other parents looked at me like I was stupid).

My reasons for putting him in lessons was just to make him more comfortable in the pool WITHOUT a life jacket (seems to be going well don't ya think) because he is around too many pools not to know what to do if he falls in. I never thought I would leave lessons with him jumping in the deep end and magically swimming to the shallow. I did hope that this would make him somehow realize he could kick his feet and put his face in the water without dying instantly. He is fine swimming WITH a life jacket. In fact, the last 10 minutes of lessons are free time and he loves it. That's pretty much what he suffers through the first 30 minutes to get to. However, I think this is it for swim lessons for me and Trey.

I'm taking a new motto and approach. If Addison can have her paci until she's in college I guess Trey can have a life jacket until then too. I mean at some point it will become embarrassing to have to throw on your life jacket before your friends push you in the pool...won't it????

Monday, March 7, 2011

To Paci or not to Paci??

2 pacis at once.....

Demanded to completely dress herself from head to toe. Normally I can compromise on choices but not today. This is an iphone pic so it's kinda small, but the mixture of colors and patterns on this is pretty amazing. Lets just say people probably thought I was crazy!!

Trey did not take a paci. Ever. There were times I shoved a paci in his mouth out of desperation to keep him quiet but it never worked. He just didn't like it. Addison on the other hand has loved her paci since day one and doesn't care which make or model it is. Nuk, soothie, playtex, she loves them all. Lately though, as with all things, people seem to want to "tell" me when she should give them up. Most say around the age of 2 is time to do them in. Her pediatrician is on this bandwagon as well, but because she was so sick around her 2nd birthday she told me at her 2 year check up to hold on to them a little longer (again, this was completely unsolicited because I didn't ask!!)

So, that leads me to vent on the blog. Pacis were one of those things that pre mom I judged hard. Any kid who looked to be 2 or older I automatically silently judged and shook my head at those moms for still giving their kids a pacifier. I mean, might as well go ahead and prepay for their counseling all the damage that was being done to them.

Fast forward to Addison...she is very logical about paci times. She doesn't have it at all at school, church or outside. She is pretty adamant about it taking a bath with her and sleeping with her. Lately, she has started enjoying the occasional 2 pacis at one time. That being said I have totally changed my outlook on it. Yes, pacis may mess up your teeth (MAYBE) however, last I checked all these teeth will fall out. Secondly, we can go ahead and put a deposit on braces cause all kids get them.

Also, have you met Addison?? She has an opinion about everything (today she actually screamed at me for not parking in the right spot...I am not kidding...she yelled at me when I parked to "move to dat one right there" when I said no she started yelling louder.) So, the paci and blanket bring some sense of calm to her life and that's not something I'm willing to give up.

She sleeps like an angel, eats like a champ and loves her some paci!! What's so wrong with that???

On another note, Trey started swim lessons tonight. Look for another post on that soon.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

5 year and 2 year pics!

Even though Trey isn't quite 5 yet, I couldn't imagine doing 2 separate photo shoots for the kids! My goal for this one was to get a good pic of them together so I could order a big picture of both of them. Their is a small space on the wall between their room that is perfect for a sibling pic. However, it is much easier said than done! Thankfully today though we got it!! Trey did AWESOME! He had the sultry pouty look down for the camera and followed instructions to a "t". Addy on the other hand made Amy work for her pizza!

I can't tell you how lucky and thankful I am to have such a talented BFF! (yes, I took it back to high school with that phrase!) There is no way I would get to have so many wonderful pics of my kids if not! Thanks so much!!