Saturday, March 12, 2011

Swim lessons!

There are some things you just know you can check off the list for your child when he/she gets older. For instance, I'm pretty sure my parents knew I wouldn't become a great athlete the first time they saw me attempt to play softball. I'm also doubting James and Cecily ever thought J.O. would take home the gold in track (he's not the fastest kid on the block) and I am feeling extremely confident that Trey is never gonna give Michael Phelps a run for his money.

The first day of lessons he did fine and tolerated what his teacher asked him to do. He understood that he was going to be safe and no one would let him drown or eaten by sharks (the child has a few irrational fears). By the 3rd lesson though he was over it. He cried when she tried to put his face in the water and he made me sit by him the whole time. He did eventually get in and kick his feet but it wasn't anything to cheer about. (although I did and other parents looked at me like I was stupid).

My reasons for putting him in lessons was just to make him more comfortable in the pool WITHOUT a life jacket (seems to be going well don't ya think) because he is around too many pools not to know what to do if he falls in. I never thought I would leave lessons with him jumping in the deep end and magically swimming to the shallow. I did hope that this would make him somehow realize he could kick his feet and put his face in the water without dying instantly. He is fine swimming WITH a life jacket. In fact, the last 10 minutes of lessons are free time and he loves it. That's pretty much what he suffers through the first 30 minutes to get to. However, I think this is it for swim lessons for me and Trey.

I'm taking a new motto and approach. If Addison can have her paci until she's in college I guess Trey can have a life jacket until then too. I mean at some point it will become embarrassing to have to throw on your life jacket before your friends push you in the pool...won't it????


  1. I'm just picturing Trey's tan line after the summer when he's 16, hahaha!!! Something I think the ladies will find very attractive.

  2. Haha! Yes, he will be a chick magnet with the life jacket...maybe he could use floaties too for double attraction.