Thursday, July 9, 2009

New House

Well, we are finally moved in our new house and I am exhausted!! I hate moving, but somehow J. O. and I manage to do it a lot! We love this house though so hopefully we won't be going anywhere for a while. This move was by far the worst because we had to juggle 2 kids, work and being out of somewhere to live for a few days. We ended up buying a house in Cabot much to our surprise. We found this house and ended up falling in love with it despite of the location. J.O. and I will slowly learn to love the area Im sure!!
I have only attached a few pictures because the house is a wreck. We have lots of work to do before we can really settle in so I will put more up in a few years when we are all done! Painters are coming Saturday so that will help a little. I think the previous owner was about as exciting as Bella.....there was no color in the house! Anyway, hope you are all doing good! I had to put one picture of the kids just because. They love playing in her crib and it's a great way to get some stuff done!