Sunday, November 6, 2011

New Post...Get excited.

So it has again been brought to my attention that my blog is very boring and people (or my mom) only get on it to check other people's blogs.  That being said, I guess I should at least update it every other month or so.  Our lives are crazy busy as usual.  J.O. is still busy at work and I think he is really ready for it to slow down!  However, he loves his job and we are very thankful for it.  Trey is doing great in Kindergarten.  We had parent teacher conferences a few weeks ago and he received a glowing report!  His teacher said she is trying to think of ways to keep him challenged!  Not trying to brag but maybe I am!  Addy is also still loving going to Mrs. Chelseas.  She loves playing with the other kids and Mrs. Chelsea spoils her rotten!  She does tons of art projects there and has a blast.  When we move she will miss her so much! 

One of our pics from the photo session a few months ago.  I love how much Addy is laughing here!

Trey's sweet friend Kinsley from school.

 Trey's teachers.....Mrs. Hall and Mrs. Renner! 

Class pic!  Not sure why I didn't zoom in.  There is definitely a reason that photography isn't my thing.
As for me I am still loving my job and love the school.  I feel incredibly blessed to be a part of such a great Christian school but also a school that is amazing academically as well.  Although when I registered Addy for K3 and Trey for 1st grade the other day I almost had a mini meltdown.  Where did my babies go??? 

Friday, September 30, 2011


So, it has been brought to my attention that I haven't blogged in some time so if you think this is going to be the post where I have tons of pics and play catch up, I'm afraid you would be wrong.  I am just hoping to bump my blog up higher on some of your blog feeds and make you think something exciting has been posted! :) 

Work is going great.  I LOVE the school I am at and am so thankful Trey is attending there as well.  I couldn't imagine doing anything else right now.  You can't beat having your child right down the hallway either!  Especially since him and all his little friends still think I'm cool!  The drive is wearing me out but knowing we didn't want to settle in Cabot long term makes it more bearable.  Hopefully our house will sell soon and we can head out closer to school.  Addy is loving Mrs. Chelsea and gets to go to school with me some on Fridays and stay with Miss Brittney.  We are very lucky to have two wonderful options for Addison. 

J.O. is swamped at work right now but we are just thankful he has a job he loves and it is stable.  I am approaching the dirty 30 in a few weeks and I am determined to embrace it.  The way I look at it, it's way more embarrassing to be 29 and drive a minivan rather than be 30 and drive a minivan. 

That's it for now...I will upload some new pics soon.  I will however leave a video of Addy singing a song Mrs. Chelsea taught her....somehow all she took away from the song was "Read your Bible, Forget to Pray."  I told Chelsea we may have to monitor what she teaches her from now on!  (Also, if you notice Addy definitely has my moves...the leg sway is awesome.)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Work and random pics

So I officially started back to work this week and I am really enjoying it!!  Now, ask me again in February and I may have a different answer because I will be counting down the days until summer by then!  One thing I love is working at a Christian school.  Our very first day of in- service was started by singing a praise and worship song and a devotion.  Everyone is so extremely nice and helpful and truly cares about each other.  Now, don't get me an elementary school full of women I am sure we will have our drama but for now it's pretty peaceful!!  Trey starts next Thursday and Addy starts her new babysitter Monday the 15th.  I have to admit I am having slightly more anxiety about Addison being in Cabot away from me than I am about Trey being in Kindergarten.  At least at school I can yell for him down the hallway! (not that I would do that!)  I know Addison is going to love the woman who is keeping her but it will be an adjustment for awhile. 

   Random pic of a snake that was on our back porch...apparently it was poisonous and I was trying to hit it with a plastic baseball bat.  Needless to say I ran away when it "stood" up and tried to lunge at me.
                        We had to have a redneck front yard pool party because of the snake.

Last weekend we went to the lake.  It was so fun because we stayed at my grandmothers lake house so we had the convenience of going on and off the lake as the kids needed to.  Trey and Addy both loved tubing and Addison even laid down on it and went pretty fast.  Trey would have NEVER done that at her age.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Back to work....

Well, my last few days of summer are almost officially over.  So hard to believe how fast time has gone!  I start back to work Wednesday and Trey starts school the next Thursday (11th).  He starts a few days earlier than public schools but he should get out a few days earlier too (hopefully....if no more blizzards happen!).  The few days I have been at school training have been great and I think we are all really going to love the school.  Trey will be in his element next year with everything he gets to do!  Starting this year the 3, 4, and 5 year olds get their own I-Pad for 30 minutes a day.  He will definitely be able to show me some things or two about mine that I don't know!  He is also very excited about having Spanish class.  He thinks he speaks fluent Spanish because he watches Dora and Diego.  Luckily, I have been able to warn his teacher that he may try to teach the class the first day.

Poor Addy on the other hand is not so excited about these changes.  She keeps saying she is going to kindergarten too and doesn't like it when Trey corrects her.  It is going to be an adjustment for me leaving her somewhere without me right there, but I have no doubt she is going to love Chelsea and have a blast with her.  I am sooo thankful we found her!! 

Our house is still for sale but we are okay with that right now.  We are praying about building so I have a feeling we have a long road ahead of us regardless!! 
I will post some pics of my classroom when I get it in order.  I went with an owl theme and quite possibly went overboard!!  They were just too cute to resist! 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Beach trip!

We just got back from our beach trip and I am still exhausted!  This was a "first" for us because although we go to the beach every year we have always gone with family.  However, this year everyone had crazy schedules so we decided to put our big girl/boy pants on and go by ourselves!  We found an awesome condo in Sandestin and booked it before we could change our minds.  I am so glad we did because even though I missed our family a ton, we still had a great time.  We spent a lot of time at the pool because the beach was full of seaweed and both kids thought it was gross (me too!).  Trey told me we need to go back to "Golf Shores" next year becuase there was no seaweed there!

                                             Heading out at 4am!!

Before the big ride!

 I have to say the most memorable experience was our bike ride we took.  I really like riding bikes but I basically just stink at it.  It's hard and I am pretty wobbly.  But, the kids kept seeing bikes everywhere and begged us to do it so what do ya do?  We rented them on what had to be the hottest day ever and I was pretty nervous at first that I would fall with Addison in the back on her seat.  I got over that pretty quick and then just started praying I wouldn't die from a heat stroke.  After we started riding she kept continually hitting me and telling me to "go faster and keep up."  At one point, J.O. stopped to check on me because I was so far back and I started yelling..."keep going, keep going" because I knew I wouldn't be able to stop.  Then, a group of girls almost walked out in front of me and I started yelling, "I can't stop!" and they just looked at me like I was crazy.  The most embarassing thing though was when we had to stop to cross the street and I tried to get my speed back up to cross and almost fell.  I just gave up and walked the bike across with everyone watching me.  At one point, J.O. asked Trey if he wanted to ride with me and he said no because he wanted to win.  Even though it sounds crazy it was so much fun and now I want to buy a bike to ride around here.  I think I can improve my skills over time!!

It was a great trip and an awesome time for the 4 of us to have together!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Vegas Trip!

We just got back from a quick Vegas trip with some friends and it was so much fun!!  We have talked about wanting to go forever and we decided if we didn't just do it now we never would!  Here are a few pics from the trip.  Getting ready to leave for the beach Saturday and I'm super ready to be laying on the beach!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Where do I begin???

Okay, so I had these huge plans to blog more this summer but see how that has gone.  So far this summer we have been busy as usual only we have added laying out by the pool into the mix as well!  I am about to finish up my Fri/Sat course at school.  Only 4 more times to go!  The day after I finish J.O. and I are heading out for an adults only weekend in Vegas ( I guess it would be odd if I said a kids weekend in Vegas!).  I am so excited for several reasons...I have never been, I am going with some great college friends, and J.O. and I are getting some quality adult time!  Then when we get back we are going to begin packing to head to the beach!  This beach trip is also a first in a lot of ways because it's just the 4 of us.  I am a little nervous that it won't be as relaxing as when we have the parents help, but even if it's hectic at least it will be hectic on the beach! 

We are about to have lots of changes around here. Most of you know I got a job teaching at a school in Little Rock and we have decided that it's gonna be super hectic living in Cabot and having a child in school out there and me teaching out there. SO....we are officially going to sell our house and head west. I am very excited about this because to be honest Cabot has never been my favorite town. Don't get me wrong. Cabot is an excellent place to live and raise a family but J.O. and I have just never felt quite "home" here. We love Maumelle/West Little Rock area so we are excited to get out that way. I think we are going to settle in Maumelle because it's right next to Little Rock with great things to do in the town. I told J.O. it seems like we have taken a crazy path to get to where we want to be. Sometimes I think we just want to make sure our life is full of excitement!

We celebrated pre-k graduation!

The Graduate!!

His favorite Bday present.....a $10 umbrella!  It has lasted as the favorite too!

Our House...want to buy it?? :)  (You like the shadow of me??)

Friday, May 13, 2011

New Job!

I am so excited about getting a job at Arkansas Baptist in the fall!  I will be teaching pre-k again which is actually a relief considering that is the only thing I know right now!  I also actually really enjoy teaching that age so I am pretty excited.  It has been crazy the way everything has worked out.  A few years ago when I decided to go back to school I did it with the intention of finding a job in a private school to enable our kids to go there.  However, at the time I was at UALR and the only thing they offered was a degree in teaching grades 7-12.  I spent a semester in this program and realized I didn't really enjoy kids who looked older than me and scared me.  So....I decided to keep working for James and wait until Addy was a little older to figure it out.  Well, last year I found the program at UCA and figured out I could get my masters in teaching p-4.  I have loved this program and am so glad I switched.  When I started looking for jobs I still had private school in the back of my mind but also wanted to look at public because private schools don't have a whole lot of turnover and I thought I should keep my options open. 

I had a couple of great connections at the public schools around here but just never felt great about it.  I ended up interviewing at Arkansas Baptist and fell in love with the school.  It was a great interview and I was praying I would get the job.  Plus, I knew the environment would be GREAT for Trey.'s so amazing how it has all worked out.  J.O. and I know without a doubt that next year I am where God wants me to be and I guess we will see what happens along the way!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Birthday Party!

The Birthday Boy!

Trey on his throne ready to open presents!
Happy Birthday!

Trey and his friend Abbigail playing.

Trey and Cece getting ready to go!

Addison loved it as much as everyone else!

Hadley getting geared up to play!

She wouldn't be still long enough for a picture!

This is what the sleepover consisted of...lots of wii games.

Addison before church this morning that we didn't get to go to because of flooded roads!

Well, Saturday was Trey's big birthday bash and he had such a great time! There were several friends that came and he enjoyed running around and playing with everyone. He was so exhausted after the party and sleepover with Ethan that he actually came home and crashed in bed for a nap! That NEVER happens! I still can't believe my "baby" is turning 5 Wednesday! So crazy!!

We are heading to Tulsa to celebrate Hadleys 2nd birthday Saturday and can't wait!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

School and Easter

J.O. trying to help find the prize was worth $10 bucks so all the adults were out there pushing kids out of the way!

Addison loved hunting eggs this year! She knew exactly where to look!

On the hunt.....

This is basically the best pic I got of the kids....AGGHH!! Addison wouldn't put the pillow down and refused to look at me. She also insisted on wearing 2 bracelets, her baby ring (that doesn't fit) and a necklace. She obviously hasn't heard the rule of removing one piece of jewelery before you leave the house! FYI....Trey had new khakis to wear and they fell off of him. The child is scared of food!!!

Easter goodies!

Addy getting her new movie out....she had just woken up and isn't really a morning person.

The baskets!

T-ball game!

Playing in the dirt and rocks at the game.

Playing back catcher. This didn't last long. This position is way too slow for 4/5 year olds!

Why is the end of the year always so bad??? I know a ton of it has to do with finals but I feel like it all comes at once. Luckily, I am so close to being done I can taste it. I am only taking one summer course and am looking so forward to relaxing and spending a lot of time at the pool with the kids! I have one final due tomorrow and 2 next week and then a break! My boss is so great...I have been mildly (ha) whining about all that I have to get done and she is letting me off at noon tomorrow to work on school!

Other than school not much is going on. I registered Trey for kindergarten last week and it was awful. I am definitely not one of those moms who looks at the exciting aspect of kindergarten. I am dreading it like none other. The lady at registration asked me if this was my first and I just said, "Yes, and I don't want to talk about it." so we didn't. Luckily, I will be teaching (hopefully) and will be able to check on him when I need to. That is the glory of can always creep on your kids when you need to!

Saturday is Trey's big birthday bash. He is so excited he can hardly contain himself. Tomorrow night Ethan is coming over for a pre-birthday sleepover and he has everything planned out....lots of wii games, popcorn and movies. He also said they were staying up all night and I quickly corrected him! Should be a fun weekend! Finals, sleepovers, bday party, quality Janelle/Andrew and Hadley time! Gonna be fun!!

My dad left for Romania today! Say a prayer for him please. He hates to travel and can't hear well....this trip should be a breeze!

Friday, April 22, 2011


Addy is a diva at the ball games. She also wouldn't look at me for a picture.

Trey played back catcher the first game.

Ready to go!

A pair of flip flops I made for Addison. Excuse my hand.

A wonderful gift from a kid in my class! Last names blurred out.

If you look closely on the left side you can see Trey's name and the right side has a T. Lovely.

T-Ball kicked off a few weeks ago and this is an interesting season to say the least. First, let me just say that Trey isn't going to take home any game balls this year with his mad t-ball skills. However, after being on this team I am convinced that Trey could be Babe Ruth compared to all of them. The coach doesn't seem to be too organized or "clued" in either. (Just so you know, I am trying to be soooo nice while I am typing this. It is taking all I have not to write what I really think).

Anyway, the first couple of games Trey was 10th in batting lineup and the guy who created the lineup had his son first. Well, if you know anything about tball you know that kids basically play to have a chance to bat. That is their favorite part. In the first game Trey only got to bat once because he was so low in the lineup and a few kids at the top of the lineup got to bat twice. So, J.O. mentioned to the coach that he may want to switch the lineup up for the next game to keep it fair. Well, game #2 and exact same lineup. J.O. went and talked to the guy who did it and mentioned switching it up to keep it fair. It was like J.O. was talking Chinese to a 5 year old Hispanic. He couldn't understand why there would be a need for that. J.O. being the numbers/practical guy he is laid it out....If 3 kids bat 3 times more over 5 games and 7 kids only bat twice that's X number of times more than everyone else...and so forth. Not surprised the guy didn't follow J.O. on that one.

Anyway, at the end of that game when HIS kid was the only kid to bat again in the rotation I think he finally understood he needed to switch it up. That and the fact that J.O. asked him if he understood now. But anyway.

Needless to say I really won't miss this team next year but Trey is having a blast and that's all that matters.

On another note, if you could say a prayer for me I have interviewed at a couple of schools and really have a hard time waiting on answers. I could use some peace of mind and patience!!