Friday, April 22, 2011


Addy is a diva at the ball games. She also wouldn't look at me for a picture.

Trey played back catcher the first game.

Ready to go!

A pair of flip flops I made for Addison. Excuse my hand.

A wonderful gift from a kid in my class! Last names blurred out.

If you look closely on the left side you can see Trey's name and the right side has a T. Lovely.

T-Ball kicked off a few weeks ago and this is an interesting season to say the least. First, let me just say that Trey isn't going to take home any game balls this year with his mad t-ball skills. However, after being on this team I am convinced that Trey could be Babe Ruth compared to all of them. The coach doesn't seem to be too organized or "clued" in either. (Just so you know, I am trying to be soooo nice while I am typing this. It is taking all I have not to write what I really think).

Anyway, the first couple of games Trey was 10th in batting lineup and the guy who created the lineup had his son first. Well, if you know anything about tball you know that kids basically play to have a chance to bat. That is their favorite part. In the first game Trey only got to bat once because he was so low in the lineup and a few kids at the top of the lineup got to bat twice. So, J.O. mentioned to the coach that he may want to switch the lineup up for the next game to keep it fair. Well, game #2 and exact same lineup. J.O. went and talked to the guy who did it and mentioned switching it up to keep it fair. It was like J.O. was talking Chinese to a 5 year old Hispanic. He couldn't understand why there would be a need for that. J.O. being the numbers/practical guy he is laid it out....If 3 kids bat 3 times more over 5 games and 7 kids only bat twice that's X number of times more than everyone else...and so forth. Not surprised the guy didn't follow J.O. on that one.

Anyway, at the end of that game when HIS kid was the only kid to bat again in the rotation I think he finally understood he needed to switch it up. That and the fact that J.O. asked him if he understood now. But anyway.

Needless to say I really won't miss this team next year but Trey is having a blast and that's all that matters.

On another note, if you could say a prayer for me I have interviewed at a couple of schools and really have a hard time waiting on answers. I could use some peace of mind and patience!!

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