Saturday, July 30, 2011

Back to work....

Well, my last few days of summer are almost officially over.  So hard to believe how fast time has gone!  I start back to work Wednesday and Trey starts school the next Thursday (11th).  He starts a few days earlier than public schools but he should get out a few days earlier too (hopefully....if no more blizzards happen!).  The few days I have been at school training have been great and I think we are all really going to love the school.  Trey will be in his element next year with everything he gets to do!  Starting this year the 3, 4, and 5 year olds get their own I-Pad for 30 minutes a day.  He will definitely be able to show me some things or two about mine that I don't know!  He is also very excited about having Spanish class.  He thinks he speaks fluent Spanish because he watches Dora and Diego.  Luckily, I have been able to warn his teacher that he may try to teach the class the first day.

Poor Addy on the other hand is not so excited about these changes.  She keeps saying she is going to kindergarten too and doesn't like it when Trey corrects her.  It is going to be an adjustment for me leaving her somewhere without me right there, but I have no doubt she is going to love Chelsea and have a blast with her.  I am sooo thankful we found her!! 

Our house is still for sale but we are okay with that right now.  We are praying about building so I have a feeling we have a long road ahead of us regardless!! 
I will post some pics of my classroom when I get it in order.  I went with an owl theme and quite possibly went overboard!!  They were just too cute to resist! 

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  1. You can't ever have too many owls! My room is camping/owl themed and I have TONS!