Sunday, May 1, 2011

Birthday Party!

The Birthday Boy!

Trey on his throne ready to open presents!
Happy Birthday!

Trey and his friend Abbigail playing.

Trey and Cece getting ready to go!

Addison loved it as much as everyone else!

Hadley getting geared up to play!

She wouldn't be still long enough for a picture!

This is what the sleepover consisted of...lots of wii games.

Addison before church this morning that we didn't get to go to because of flooded roads!

Well, Saturday was Trey's big birthday bash and he had such a great time! There were several friends that came and he enjoyed running around and playing with everyone. He was so exhausted after the party and sleepover with Ethan that he actually came home and crashed in bed for a nap! That NEVER happens! I still can't believe my "baby" is turning 5 Wednesday! So crazy!!

We are heading to Tulsa to celebrate Hadleys 2nd birthday Saturday and can't wait!

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