Monday, March 7, 2011

To Paci or not to Paci??

2 pacis at once.....

Demanded to completely dress herself from head to toe. Normally I can compromise on choices but not today. This is an iphone pic so it's kinda small, but the mixture of colors and patterns on this is pretty amazing. Lets just say people probably thought I was crazy!!

Trey did not take a paci. Ever. There were times I shoved a paci in his mouth out of desperation to keep him quiet but it never worked. He just didn't like it. Addison on the other hand has loved her paci since day one and doesn't care which make or model it is. Nuk, soothie, playtex, she loves them all. Lately though, as with all things, people seem to want to "tell" me when she should give them up. Most say around the age of 2 is time to do them in. Her pediatrician is on this bandwagon as well, but because she was so sick around her 2nd birthday she told me at her 2 year check up to hold on to them a little longer (again, this was completely unsolicited because I didn't ask!!)

So, that leads me to vent on the blog. Pacis were one of those things that pre mom I judged hard. Any kid who looked to be 2 or older I automatically silently judged and shook my head at those moms for still giving their kids a pacifier. I mean, might as well go ahead and prepay for their counseling all the damage that was being done to them.

Fast forward to Addison...she is very logical about paci times. She doesn't have it at all at school, church or outside. She is pretty adamant about it taking a bath with her and sleeping with her. Lately, she has started enjoying the occasional 2 pacis at one time. That being said I have totally changed my outlook on it. Yes, pacis may mess up your teeth (MAYBE) however, last I checked all these teeth will fall out. Secondly, we can go ahead and put a deposit on braces cause all kids get them.

Also, have you met Addison?? She has an opinion about everything (today she actually screamed at me for not parking in the right spot...I am not kidding...she yelled at me when I parked to "move to dat one right there" when I said no she started yelling louder.) So, the paci and blanket bring some sense of calm to her life and that's not something I'm willing to give up.

She sleeps like an angel, eats like a champ and loves her some paci!! What's so wrong with that???

On another note, Trey started swim lessons tonight. Look for another post on that soon.


  1. I personally don't think there is anything wrong with having a paci at her age! Now, if she is four and screaming for her "NeNe" like a certain toddler on toddlers and tiaras. Then maybe you will have a problem! Haha! I don't plan on taking Addi's away till like 3 maybe?! Who knows though!!!

  2. Thats funny!! I watched that one and yes, I defitnately judged that mamma in my head!!!

  3. I totally agree with you Tamara. You will know when the time is right for her to give up the pacifier...pretty sure I've never known any paci addicted adults out there. I just took Drew's paci away last week (only bc I didn't want to have to fight that battle once I have second baby). It was tough and I almost gave it back to her several times. But I can safely say that after a week now, naps and bedtime are almost back to normal. Whew, I was about convinced my "three hour napper" would never nap again after the first couple of days! :) Let people judge if they want, but you gotta do what you gotta do as a momma! :)