Thursday, March 17, 2011

Being Still....

I'm a planner. I like to know what's happening and stick to a plan. For instance, we are going to the beach in July and I have already discussed with J.O. what time we need to leave. I have also talked to Cecily about borrowing her bike to ride but first I'm going to get rates for renting bikes in Destin to save on car space. True story. I will most likely know before we leave which nights we will eat out and which nights we will cook, when we will shop, etc. I am not someone who is compulsive about plans but I need a good plan in my head and I typically stick to it.

It's funny though because in so many other areas I procrastinate. Oh well.

However, I am going to be looking for a job in the fall and today I kinda got knocked down and had to be reminded to Be Still. I can't make big plans for the fall because I don't know where I will be teaching. I also can't stress about every little detail because I don't know what will happen. I can't "make" things happen the way I think they should. All I can do is apply to schools and wait and pray. Much easier said than done.

"Be still and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10

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  1. What happened and why have we not talked about it today?