Monday, February 28, 2011

Uneventful Week!

Not much out of the ordinary has been happening around here lately. Well, except for last night when I felt the earthquake that happened in Greenbriar while I was laying in bed! It was so odd and not really something I am a fan of! I really thought someone/something had hit our house. Our bed started shaking and I heard a real low grumble. However, this did not seem to affect J.O.'s ability to sleep at all.

This is a pretty boring post but just thought I would throw out a quick update on the kids. Addison is still doing great. She is back to being cut off quite often (from food) and throwing regular tantrums. She is picking up so much from Trey and loves to play pretend games with him. She copies EVERYTHING he says and does. For example, tonight he came into the kitchen and told me he was "Benten the Alien". Addison immediately repeated, "I Benten Alien" and they started fighting me. She has pretty much got the ABC song mastered and counting to 10 down. We need to work on potty training again cause it pretty much went out the window when she had diarrhea for a year (or maybe 2 weeks). She still loves sleeping in her big girl bed and doesn't make me lay next to her anymore and pat her back. She lays right down, we read a book, say a prayer, she demands 1 Hershey kiss and she goes to sleep. I have learned my lesson on the Hershey kiss night she fell asleep holding it and the next morning it was everywhere! From now on it goes in the mouth immediately!

Trey is slowly starting to learn to read. He started by sounding out words on the bottles at dinnertime (bottles such as dressing bottles or pepper containers....!!) Then I got out the set of Bob books we got him for Christmas and he was able to sound out pretty much all of those books. These books are awesome by the way and really help kids learn to sight read. After that they are able to recognize the words in other books and associate sounds with them. They are all pretty much 3 and 4 letter words so they are awesome for very beginning readers. We are slowly branching out from these books and I have copied a Kindergarten sight word list we are working on now. He loves to do these kind of things and gets so proud when he gets a word right. The other day I heard him tell someone he was so smart. We may need to work on humility!

All is great!!

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