Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Quick Catch Up!

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth but I feel like we have been busier than ever lately (if that's even possible!). I love seeing everyone's cute pics from Valentines Day but to be honest our house didn't do a thing! I came down with some sort of odd illness Sunday that lasted until Tuesday so I pretty much stayed in bed (except for the few hours Monday I went to work and tried to keep 5 year olds from killing each other) and didn't get out. Poor J.O. ate leftovers in front of the t.v. by himself after he put the kids to bed. However, I don't feel too sorry for him since every day is like Valentines Day around here. HA!

I'm feeling much better now just in time to board a plane Friday for New Orleans! J.O. has a conference there each year (and by conference I mean one meet and greet Saturday night) so I get to tag along. He got his itinerary the other day and literally every meal is planned for and bought already. Last year we ate at some of the best restaurants I have ever been to! The one minor glitch this year is we are flying. Yes, I understand it's much faster than driving but I am terrified to fly! I have my anxiety meds ready to go (thanks sis!) I just hope they don't make me too crazy in front of J.O.'s boss man. Trey cannot wait for us to go. He keeps telling me he gets to spend 2 nights at Cece's because I'm going out of town. I will miss you too bub.

In Addison news I took them shoe shopping today and the whole process literally took about 15 minutes. Pretty awesome huh? Not when you account for the fact that Addison had 2 temper tantrums over shoes and sunglasses. She laid in the floor and screamed, "I not try that pair on, I want these!" and demanded the exact same pair of Sketcher light up shoes she had just outgrown. So, guess which ones I bought?? Then, she threw fit number 2 when I wouldn't buy her a massive pair of purple plastic sunglasses on the way out. She literally laid in the floor again and yelled, "buy me purple!" Being the good mom I am, I calmly spoke to her and talked her through her tantrum. Or, I told her whatever, I was leaving and proceeded to walk outside while she was laying there (yes, I could still see her). Trey began yelling, "Yeah mom lets go, let's just leave her here." Needless to say, Addison threw the glasses down and ran out.

P.S. Older woman at Hibbett sports who witnessed all this and kept giving me the evil eye.....I'm sure your kids were perfect angels and parents now have no control blah blah blah, but you may consider investing in some of those purple sunglasses yourself so we don't have to see you judging.

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  1. Girl been there done that and still there in the fit throwing. I get those looks too, but I love how those people who judge probably have kids that are so rebellious in their "older" years that they are embarrassed to admit. I just want to tell them, "take a picture, it last longer" Maybe our girls are getting it out young and they are going to FAB teenagers???haha well its a good thought right?