Monday, February 7, 2011

2 year check and random things

Her new bedding!

Addison inspecting her feet at the doctor and determining they were "goss" (gross).

Still concerned about the feet.
These are all iphone pics....that explains the poor lighting!
There hasn't been too much going on here lately which is actually really good considering the past few weeks we have had. Addison had her 2 year checkup last week and she is doing great! One thing about Addison is that she talked extremely early and in full sentences. Trey was just starting to really talk a lot around age 2 but Addison has spoken in paragraphs for some time. The doctor was asking me if Addison was able to communicate and put simple phrases together and at that time she looked at me and said, "Doctor hurt me, I'm ready to go." Dr. Wilson just said okay and went on about her business! Addison is still in the 75% for height and weight and 10% on head. Poor Trey is in the 20-30% on height and weight and 75% on head.

Trey is doing great! He still loves doing all things "learning" and spends most of his day arguing with me or pointing out things that he doesn't agree with. J.O. and I spend a lot of our time explaining things to him and giving him reasons. He is not a child just to accept things "just because".

We are supposed to get more snow Wednesday....BOO! I'm so ready for spring!!!