Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Big 2!!

Bunking party in Addys new bed...this lasted about 20 minutes because they just kept playing.

Hadley dominating the play ice cream cones Addy got....the only thing that made them taste better was dipping them in Bella's dog water.

Addison holding baby Lyla!!

Actually smiling while holding her!!

Hadley: "you gonna give me the balloon or do I need to take it from you??"

Presents!! Check out the precious shirt Ashley made her!! (I don't know how to add links so click on her blog to see her great stuff...http://babyeichhorn.blogspot.com/ )

Cece! Gotta love Addison's pursed lips.

I can't believe Addison is 2! It literally seems like yesterday we were at the hospital bright and early waiting for her to arrive. Dr. Marks got me settled in and of course J.O. and I were anticipating what meal we would be able to eat next.... (in our defense we had to skip breakfast!) Dr. Marks bet it would a late afternoon snack and J.O. and I had bet on an early dinner. However, in true Addison style she wasted no time in arriving in this world. I got my pitocin at 7am, epidural around 8:30am and she was born at 10:02am. I started yelling at the nurse around 9:50 that she was coming and she assured me that it would still take a bit and Dr. Marks would make it. I proceeded to yell a few things back (all very nice, just in a forceful tone!) and Dr. Marks literally walked in around 5 minutes before she was born. Addison was born screaming and hasn't really stopped yet! She is such a blessing and really keeps me on my toes all the time. Everything is done her way or no way and we pretty much have just adjusted to living in her world!
We had a wonderful family get together for her birthday and I couldn't have asked for a better day. The kids were able to go outside and play the whole time! It was a huge change from last year when we had to reschedule her party due to snow!! We decided to keep this one small for 3 reasons: 1) she's 2!!! 2) our lives have been soooo crazy with school, work, sickness, etc, I decided no unnecessary pressure 3) Trey's birthday is in May and he has apparently decided to party like its 1999. I think we are gonna have to take out a small loan for the bash he has prepared.


  1. I love Addison's new bed!!! So happy to see she is feeling better!!! Happy Birthday Addison!!!

  2. What is Trey planning for his Birthday Bash? What weekend is it? I'm dying to come. I can't believe Addie is 2 either. Time flies!

  3. Can't believe that girl's two and that my girl's not far behind! =(