Monday, February 21, 2011


A view from the inside of the plane!

Leaving New Orleans.....

Arriving in New Orleans...

A wedding procession down the French Quarter

I don't understand these guys...would it not be easier to get a real job than to stand here all day for a few bucks. I mean, he didn't even do anything!

Our view from breakfast one morning

The best pancakes I have ever had

So, J.O. and I just got back from a very fun weekend in New Orleans! I have to say that flying was well worth any anxiety I may have had. J.O.s big boss man (the owner of the company) has 2 private planes and he let us take one to the conference. Now, J.O. has used it before and assured me it's a jet and extremely safe etc. However, all I pictured was a puddle jumper/propeller type plane.
We dropped off the kids in Searcy and headed to the Searcy airport to wait on the plane to get there. There were all kinds of tiny planes sitting around and I really thought I may get sick. Thankfully though at that time I heard a monster flying overhead and heard J.O.'s boss say that must be our plane. When it landed I was very happy to see that the plane was indeed a small jet and not something with propellers. We landed in NOLA about an hour later and that was pretty awesome! Their were tons of big private planes sitting around and people getting picked up everywhere in black Cadillacs. Don't worry though, our orange taxi minivan whisked us away in no time! I may hate to fly, but I have decided this is the way to do it!
We had a great time and enjoyed spending a weekend away! The kids didn't miss us a bit and got to do fun things with Cece and PJ. Trey rode a tractor, gator and lawn mower all in one day! Needless to say, he wasn't too ready to see us.

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  1. Loved the taxi comment and the pancakes look devine!!!