Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"If Hadley would just bring that doll a little closer I could get it."

Trey is surprisingly good at playing the trumpet!

"Yes mom, its a purse and it's cool. Now please get the camera out of my face."

Last night was Christmas at P.J.'s and Cece's house and we had such a good time. I am so blessed to get along so well with my in-laws and have a sister in law that's my age to hang out with (I have 2 my age, but Rachel is in Virginia and we miss her!) The girls are so much fun to watch and it's fun to see how different their personalities are. Hadley is smiling while she is crying and Addison has the pouty look down to perfection. Trey enjoys going behind them and taking everything from them because it makes him furious when they put "his" things in their mouth.
Janelle and I also learned how to make homemade cinnamon rolls last night. I have to say, I am just not a baker/cooker. I wanted to learn how just in case I surprised myself but it just really stressed me out. I didn't get any pictures of the final product but let's just say Janelles were much prettier than mine. I think everyone will be in major trouble when the holiday meals fall on me. Cece is a master baker also and she tried to save me by making my batch the example she would work on but it still didn't really help. At one point Trey came up and said, "WHAT are you guys doing??" and I TOTALLY understood how he felt. At that point I wasn't so sure myself. However, it was tons of fun and I laughed a lot so it made it worth it. Plus, Cecily didn't make us eat my batch so I still got to enjoy some she made herself. We are going to my moms tonight for more Christmas and I can't wait to watch Claudia, Ethan and Trey get excited all over again!

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