Saturday, December 19, 2009


Trey had his Christmas play at school the other night and I was "that" mom for sure! When it came time for his class to sing I ran down to the front and sat in the aisle the whole time and took tons of pictures. I was really surprised at myself. I caught myself waving uncontrollably the entire time he sang but for some reason I just couldn't stop. It was almost like I saw myself waving and knew I should just stop but was physically unable. At least he's only 3 1/2 and still thinks that I'm cool. I have a feeling if I try to pull that when he is 16 he won't think its as cute.
However, he did do an awesome job. He had the hand motions down great and can sing a mean Away in a Manger. It was so fun to watch him with his classmates and get so excited to sing for everyone! This year has been my favorite year by far for Christmas because he is so excited about it. We have our countdown going and I can't wait for him to open his gifts that Santa is bringing him. However, the main thing he is asking for is a rock and roll chair and I haven't quite figured that one out yet!
Yes, Trey is covering his eyes in the first picture on purpose. He kept telling me we were going to be late (which we almost were) and that he didn't want anymore pictures. This is a product of me telling him to get over here and smile. I said it really sweetly of course.

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