Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Curious Wal-Mart Shopper....

Dear Curious Wal*Mart Shoppers,
I realize Addison is very cute and you just want to squeeze her when you see her. I also realize that she is a little rolly and it makes you want to go out your way and maybe pat her little arms or legs. Trust me, I do this all day at home. However, since I am unsure of where your hands have been or if you are going to try to pick her up and run out of the store with her please refrain from touching her. I am all for a friendly voice or even a little baby talk done to her as long as it's from your basket. Also, please keep these to a short "hello" or "isn't she cute" because I do not have the luxury of coming to Wal-Mart and hanging out in the aisle for as long as you want to visit with my child. We are usually in and out quickly and we have a purpose. And the last thing, if she is wearing all pink, riding in a purple shopping cart cover, and sporting a bow she is most likely a girl.

P.S. Yes, people talk to Trey also but it is very rare that I shop with both of them. I usually go when he is at school.

On a different note, I became "that" parent last night. I threatened my child that if he didn't go to sleep the elf might not have a good report for Santa. I went against everything I stood for with that move. However, it worked like a charm so I have a feeling that elf may become my new best friend.

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  1. Hmmm so you had some intersting WM Trips! It's okay to become that parent. When they don't mind you have to become creative.