Friday, December 4, 2009


Trey has always been very good with all things electronic. He has been playing a Nintendo DS with his cousins since he was about 2 and has had his own since about 2 1/2. When I got a new watch for my birthday this year I couldn't figure out how to program it or make it show the right time so I handed it to Trey. In about 5 seconds he had the right time displayed and now has somehow set the alarm to go off like crazy at 8pm every night and beep every hour. I have no clue how to turn that off. Well, recently he has decided that the baby computer isn't enough anymore. He begs to play on ours so this morning I pulled out the old laptop and let him play on it and Addison decided to try out Treys. I have to say Trey is pretty good at solitaire. His PJ has taught him pretty well.

I'm not too sure where this love of gadgets comes from because Im pretty sure J. O. and I still read a manuel inside and out when we are trying to program the remote control. Hopefully he will put this talent to good use one day and not just be a lifetime employee of Best Buy's Geek Squad (not that there is anything wrong with that).

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  1. Hey girl, found out that you had a blog too! So glad I can keep up with yall now! Your babies are just too cute!