Monday, December 14, 2009


Well, yesterday was the Christmas parade in Cabot and we decided to go last minute. We knew Trey would enjoy it but we were not really wanting to get off the couch in the cold nasty weather. We decided to brave it and headed out in the cold. I have to say, I don't remember the ole' Lonoke parades lasting this long when I was growing up. It lasted a solid hour and apparently ANYONE can enter the parade as long as you have a truck (or Mustang) and 35 bucks. Seriously, at one point a truck was driving down the street playing rap music (Eminem) and there were guys skateboarding beside the truck. I think they had a tiny sign on the truck advertising something but you couldn't even read it. Someone else apparently rented a semi (I prefer to think they don't just own one for pleasure) and rigged it up with trees and lights. I thought parades used to be about cool floats and bands? I mean, I didn't expect Macys Parade or anything I was just a little surprised. Needless to say, Trey thought they were all cool and especially loved Santa waving at him. Addison enjoyed her Teddy Grahams to keep her still and playing in the back of the car.

Oh, just a cool fact about the minivan...and yes, I just used cool and van in the same sentence. The seats flip upside down and make seats that you can sit on in the back so while everyone else was sitting on tailgates or blankets we were sitting on the comfort of our heated vehicle. Take that SUV.

Also, yes Treys hat is an infant size but I thought his was in the car so I didn't have one for him. It only lasted on his head during this picture and then he yanked it off. Pics are from cell phone. Forgot the camera of course.

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