Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Uncomfortable Stare...

This picture has nothing to do with staring, but she is actually smiling so I had to post it.

Addison has the uncomfortable stare down pat. You all probably know the one I am talking about. Like, when you are at a restaurant and a baby starts staring at you so you respond by waving, talking or smiling. Then you look down and go about your business only to feel eyes still bearing down on your back. You look up again and the baby is still just staring. You wave and smile again and try to look away but don't really know what to do. More than likely the baby staring at you is going to be Addison if you live anywhere close to us. However, it's not only uncomfortable for the person being stared at, but it also makes me uncomfortable because I'm not sure what proper protocol is in this situation. Do I try to make her quit staring or will that make the person she is staring at feel more awkward? Do I ignore it and act like I don't see it? I mean, after all she is being quiet and allowing me to eat. Do I apologize to the person being violated? I just never really know what to do. Usually I do nothing and hope it will go away. Tonight, she was staring extremely hard at the restaurant and the person (man) she was staring at was playing and talking back. Finally after I did try to distract her I apologized because he was very close to our table and ignoring him any longer was out of the question. He assured me he didn't mind, but I can just imagine that if he had a blog he would be writing about how he couldn't enjoy his pizza because he felt pressured to keep talking to a baby that wouldn't leave him alone. I'm sure he was very glad to see us go because towards the end of the meal staring had turned into the least of my problems. Trey was getting pretty rowdy and Addison was removing every article of clothing that she physically could. I was quickly reminded why we usually eat at home!

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