Friday, November 20, 2009

Life with 2 kids....

You know, I don't really feel like enough people prepare you for life with 2 kids. Sure it's great and I wouldn't change a thing, but wow. Here are just some simple things that are so much different when you add a second in the mix.

You don't think about having to stop at a gas station so your 3 year old can run to the bathroom and having to haul the baby in there too. Imagine how filthy gas stations are anyway and then you have to haul an infant carrier in there, somehow balance it on your leg so it doesn't rest in filth, unbutton Treys pants, button Treys pants and haul them both back to the car. And this is just on a short ride home from Searcy. You try convincing a 3 year old we are almost home and just hold it. You will have a mess to clean up for sure.

Getting out of the house for church. This is THE most challenging thing in the world. We have to be in our car by 8:45 and I swear this gets harder and harder every week. Addison is usually screaming because she's been up since 5:30 and needs a nap, Trey is usually refusing to get up to get dressed because he is watching T.V., and J. O. is usually reading the Sunday paper until 8:30 and he realizes he better jump in the shower. By the time we actually make it to church I usually throw them in their classrooms and tell the teachers good luck. More than once I have gotten them there and actually can't remember if either one has had breakfast. Why anyone with kids doesn't go to church is beyond have wonderful people to watch/teach your children and you get some Jesus before you do it all over again.

Getting dinner made/kids bathed/put to bed. For some reason I never realized that everything you do at night would double. Why I didn't realize that?? I don't know. The simple act of bathing both of them and getting them to bed is one of the toughest things. Especially when we don't get home until 5:30 and we are late before we even start. That's where J. O. comes in handy...he handles Trey and I handle Addison. It works great.

2 kids are great. They play so well together and have so much fun. There is nothing in the world I would do different. However, I have so much respect for people with 3 or more!!

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