Thursday, November 19, 2009

Being Content

This is another one of those random posts, but hey it's my blog. For some reason lately this has really been on my mind. I think it's because every year around the holidays everyone is talking about all they have to buy and get done and it just seems like we do more and more each year. When does it become too much? What is enough? Lately, I have been really bad to look around my house and think about what all I would buy if I had more money, etc...It seems like I continuously come up with a never ending list. Where does it stop? At what point do I sit back and say, "Wow, I have SO much stuff. Sure, some of it was the first piece of furniture ever invented, but it's mine and I have it." I get so caught up in wanting to have what everyone else has, or wanting to have new, cool things that I can't see past my own big head. Lately, I have just been feeling really guilty about this. If I gave away 1/3 of the money I blow on things I could probably do some actual good things.
One thing I worry about is my kids growing up and thinking they have to have everything because they see that in me. I want them to be content and happy and grateful for what they have instead of always looking to what other kids have. That's one of the reasons we only give them 3 Christmas gifts each. That probably sounds absurd to most, but think of how greedy most kids are and it starts at home. We also try to buy for a kid who doesn't have much and that's one way we are able to do that. Plus, we are blessed to buy what they need (and usually want) year around. Anyway, I told you this was random but sometimes it makes me feel better to get things off my chest. Does anyone else struggle with this or just me? I really hope to be better at this and appreciate the wonderful things God has blessed us with.

P.S. I won't feel guilty about the negotiating husband handled that one and made sure he was CONTENT with the price we paid!!

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