Sunday, November 1, 2009


Trey had so much fun on Halloween this year! He started practicing trick or treating the week of Halloween and could hardly wait for Saturday night. As some of you know I don't really get "into" Halloween and would never go out and spend a lot on a costume. However, when Trey was practicing around the house wearing his costume I was starting to get a little embarrassed. I had gone out and found an amazing deal ($4) on a scarecrow costume. My dear friend (you know who you are) assured me it was fine and so I bought it. Meanwhile her little boy was dressed absolutely precious in a dinosaur costume (I will admit she bought it for a couple of bucks too)....Anyway, after he was running around playing in it I realized it was slightly too small and looked like the person had sat down and sewed it while she was cooking dinner, changing a diaper and fixing her hair. It looked awful. Not too mention the hat was an old witches hat that had a few pieces of fabric sewn on for straw.
Well, enter Cece. She called on Friday and said the cleaners had a lot of leftover costumes that were donated and she could get him one if we needed it. I tried to act cool so I didn't bust myself out for being cheap, but deep inside I was screaming YES! So, as you can see he was a super cute cowboy riding a horse who wouldn't slow down for a second for a good picture. He played at our fall festival and then went trick or treating in the neighborhood. Addison enjoyed wearing her pumpkin shirt and attacking Treys candy when we weren't looking! Hope everyone had a great time!!


  1. Such a cute cowboy! The first costume wasn't that bad.... the second was much better though! :) We can do better next year!

  2. I love the costume! That is what Grandparents are spoil the kids! Maybe one day I can make him one like I did our costumes...I was Cruella DeVille again....