Thursday, November 5, 2009

Baby Items...

This may be the most random post I have ever posted by far, but I was doing laundry and saw my old bottle of Dreft sitting on the cabinet and started thinking. Do you ever wonder who the genius was that invented baby products? I imagine the meeting began a little like this:
"Okay, we need a new money making product. Who is the most paranoid group of people on the face of the earth? In unison a couple of people yelled out moms. Then the guy said, "How about we take normal detergent and leave out one ingredient, charge $10 more per bottle and tell people it's good for babies! People (moms) will think since it costs so much and comes in a cute bottle it has to be good. The dads will be too scared to tell them this is silly because they are too hormonal. Even moms who don't understand the purpose for it will use it because they will feel like a bad mom if they don't" Thus, Dreft was born. I imagine the same went for nursery water...(lets take regular water, change the name and bottle it. Moms will be convinced they are feeding their babies sewer water if they don't use it.) Diaper Genie...(lets convince moms that it's impossible to walk dirty diapers to the trash can. We will only put in a few bags per package so by the end of the week they are already out. Plus, we can keep coming out with newer models each year so people will update theirs) The list could go on and on. I mean, don't get me wrong I used my diaper genie just like the next, Trey didn't wear clothes that weren't washed in Dreft for a year, nursery water....well, I can't even act like I understand this one. Sometimes it just seems like it gets out of control! Oh well, someone made a ton of money off all of us moms!!

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