Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Obviously something has gone wrong....

Well, I knew eventually I would do something to mess this blog up. Somehow or someway I have gotten rid of everything on here and I have no clue how. Now, I know how my mom feels when she does something crazy with her phone and Trey has to show her how to fix it. Luckily I archived my blog recently and saved it to my computer so I still have the old posts and pictures. However, I couldn't tell you how to find the old blog to save my life. Blogspot will not win this battle though. I still have my Christmas background and I will prevail. It just may look ridiculous for a few days. I may have to change the name and delete this blog because I don't have any way to customize it like I did on the old one. What I really think happened is someone hacked into my account and cancelled it because my posts were so amazing they couldn't take it anymore. Oh well, I will post on facebook if I have to change my blog name. Happy Thanksgiving!

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