Wednesday, November 11, 2009

To dining room or not to dining room.....

That has been the question around our house for the past few weeks. Well, I say it like J. O. and I have been actively discussing it. When we were searching for our house we had a long list of requirements and wishes. At the top of our list was location and easy access to J.O.s work. We also had a few other things that were must haves and top priority. Something I would have loved would have been a 4th bedroom or great room. However, when we found this house it had everything we were looking for at this time except the extra room. We decided that we loved it anyway and didn't really mind the missing room.
Well, the other day when I was cleaning my dining room table and cabinet I realized I hadn't stepped foot in there since last week to clean my dining room table and cabinet. It kinda hit me that while I thought the room was very pretty it was completely useless at this time. As long as I have a mother and grandmother willing to cook for me, I generally don't volunteer to host dinners. Now, I realize we have friends over from time to time, but we have a table that seats 6 in the kitchen. I decided to move my precious furniture out of there and it actually looks better in other parts of the house. I laid down some ABC mats, replaced the chandelier with a ceiling fan and added fun curtains and called it done. Then I was able to move our toy "closet" to the toy room. The hardest part is getting Trey to realize this is where he needs to play....yesterday as he was moving all the toys out he told me he would rather play in the living room. Go figure.

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