Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Time!

I love getting ready for Christmas and putting up decorations. I decorated way earlier than normal this year but it doesn't really feel like Christmas time until after Thanksgiving. Last night we busted out the matching pajamas (for the kids...not J. O. and I) and I tried very hard to get cute pics of the 2 of them. They both wouldn't sit still and then Bella kept trying to get in the picture too.
We started reading our Elf on the Shelf book last night and I have to tell you I think I'm the only person in the world who finds this book a little creepy. I mean, seriously how scary is it to tell our kids that each day a little man watches over you and at night flies away. Then he somehow breaks back into your house and hides somewhere new each day to make sure you are behaving. Call me crazy but I just find this a little disturbing. However, Trey got a big kick out of it and when he found him this morning lurking on his little tool box in his room he didn't seemed alarmed at all.

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