Thursday, March 11, 2010

Vendor Booth....

I have been a terrible blogger lately. I could blame it on 2 kids, starting t-ball practice, working, cooking, cleaning (ha!) or I could just be honest and say I haven't really had much to talk about lately....until now.
Janelle and I put our tutus and dresses on display at a consignment sale in NLR and my friend's photography. Now let me be honest and say that we didn't pay much for this booth and perhaps we should have known you get what you pay for.
I also have to admit I haven't been super excited about this from the start. I just haven't been looking forward to the time commitment of sitting at a table all day hocking my items. Well, right before the sale started I got a little more excited thinking about making some extra cash....HAHAHAHA! This is the biggest joke of a consignment sale. I mean, granted this isn't Rhea Lanas or Duck Duck Goose. This one is a smaller more affordable one but the owner made it sound so much better than it is.
However, let me kinda explain the way this one is set up. To start, it's in an old building that has absolutely no sign hanging above the door to let you know the sale is inside. The way they have advertised is from the street by using a chalkboard with the name on it. I was very worried about the rain last night washing the chalk writing off and then people would really be confused. Then, we got there Tuesday night for the pre-sale and people had to pay $5 to shop early. Seriously??? They advertised food and drinks as an incentive to shop early, but I hardly call grapes, bottle water and wine served out of a dixie cup a good enough incentive.

There is hardly anyone coming through it and the people that do make comments like this:

Lady looking at my dress: "This is like the one I sewed but she made her arm holes purtier, but look how much money I saved by making my own."(while showing people our price tag)
Teenage girl she was with who picked up a tutu: "I don't understand tutus. I think they are nasty. I mean, who wears them. They are so gross."
At this point sarcastic me had to say, "So I'm guessing you aren't interested in one?"

Please keep in mind these people were directly in front of us and knew we were sitting there. We could have spit on them we were so close.

I mean, the best part about doing this is definitely the people coming through. It's just amazing to me what people say, do, wear, don't wear, smell like...etc. I think we have all learned a lot through this experience. Don't set up booths at sales that advertise by using a chalkboard and serve wine out of dixie cups to the people that shop.


  1. Oh wow this story cracked me up! What sale was this?

  2. Kids Market in North Little Rock....stick to Rhea Lanas and Duck Duck Goose!!