Monday, March 1, 2010

T-Ball Practice!

Well, it has officially begun....t-ball practice. We met yesterday for the first time and I was very nervous that Trey would be a lot smaller than everyone and way behind everyone else since he is so young. (the big kid in the picture is the coachs son and not on their team!) Luckily though there are 5 three (almost 4) year olds on the team so he fit right in! I feel kinda bad for the couple of 5 year olds because they were out there for business and the other kids obviously were not. The bigger kids would step up to the T and slam the ball as hard as they could. Trey would go up there after being called numerous times and then swing a few times and dance around. However, he did hit it pretty good a couple of times.

I didn't take my camera because I was unsure of how the parents would be. I decided to feel it out the first practice and then if their were other crazy moms, take my camera to the next practice. I don't think I should have worried though. There were cameras everywhere and at one point I thought someone had hired a professional photographer. She was following her son around like the paparazzi and even got down on all fours at one point to get him at a better angle. I also found out that t-ball is no joke. We are practicing 2x's a week and the league would prefer you practice 3x's. Wow....

This is how serious Trey thought it one point he stood up in front of a kid and started dancing and the other kid got up and did it too until the coach told them to sit down. Then, I heard Trey asking a kid if he wanted to go play tennis because he was really good at tennis. I think Trey has seen tennis being played maybe once and that was on the wii.

All in all we are very excited and just really hope he enjoys it. Their team is the red socks (or cardinals, I can't remember) so I see a red dress with Treys number in Addisons future.


  1. Let me know if Trey needs his own personal photographer....we've got this covered! Can't let the other mom get more pics of her little one!

  2. No joke!! I may need to tote you along!! It's on at his first game! :)