Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I have NEVER posted about politics because I usually don't try to get into that with people but this week with the whole healthcare issue I just feel like writing about it. Now, let me start by saying I have no idea who reads this blog but I can't imagine I have a huge following or anything so I also can't imagine that I will tick too many people off with this.

Obviously, if I have to give a disclaimer you should be able to tell I don't agree with the healthcare reform bill that passed. Now, I am not one who just sits around and watches CNN or Fox News (that would be J.O.) but I try to keep up with what's going on. Plus, since J.O. watches these channels I usually pick up a few things here and there. That being said.....WOW..I really cannot believe that the healthcare bill passed. Well, maybe I can since people seem to have lost their mind lately. The thing that drives me absolutely crazy is that 59% of the people don't like this bill and 14 states are currently suing the government over it. Seriously?? The main issue I have with this bill is the fact that every single person will be required to have healthcare and if you don't, you will be taxed. I'm sorry, but when did I wake up in China and not know it?? Who's business is it if I CHOOSE to have healthcare or not? The great part about living in a free country is the power to choose. I always intend on having healthcare for myself but if I wake up one day and decide I'm ready to live life on the edge and drop it, it should be my choice and not the governments. What's next?

Don't get me wrong. I'm all for some change in healthcare. I don't think insurances should be able to drop you for preexisting conditions you didn't know you had and I'm sure Trey and Addison will be thrilled they can stay on our insurance until they are 26, but there are just some major issues with it. The cost is another thing. States are going to be forced to raise college tuition a ton to cover the cost the states are going to incur. Maybe the Presidents girls don't have to worry about this but I know of 2 kids that will. Maybe we can start working on their trade now...I'm sure Addison will be just fine with a hammer.

I know a lot of people disagree with me but I just can't stand the thought of the government being involved in every aspect of your business. However, I have never liked being told what to do so maybe that's why I get so ticked. Anyway, just remember to wear your red shoes on Monday and only walk on the right side of the road or you will be taxed...Obama said.

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