Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Easter Pics and P90X

Perfect example of trying to get their pics.

There are more really good pics on Amy's blog:

No, these two things have nothing in common but I am still going to talk about both of them.

Yesterday, Amy and I took the kids to Wye Mountain to take their pictures. Surprisingly they turned out great because my two kids were in no mood for pics. Poor Amy and Lane were unsure how to handle Addys "temperament" on the way up there. Its about an hour drive and Addison cried from about NLR on. I am very used to this and know that if you ignore her she will just fall asleep. Amy on the other hand is not used to this anymore and tried her hardest to keep her happy. I noticed in the rear view mirror that Amy was growled at more than once by my sweet innocent precious girl. Then Lane would start yelling every time Addison would cry that she needed her BLANKIE, or PACI or GOLDFISH.(all caps for the emphasis on Lanes yelling!) I don't think Amy was able to sit and relax once the whole hour. Needless to say she was falling asleep when we pulled in (Addison, not Amy) so I was prepared for grumpiness. It was Trey though that had a very hard time. He would not cooperate at all. It's not like he was doing this on purpose he just couldn't physically sit still. If he did happen to sit still he had his hands wrapped around Addison's neck pulling her down too. I started getting so frustrated and before I knew it I was bellowing at him to pay attention and sit still. Seriously??? He is almost 4 years old in a wide open field...what in the world did I expect??? So, feeling a bit guilty I let him choose our lunch place. He wanted Mexico so we headed to Mexico Chiquito with 3 kids and 2 adults. That's a whole different post. However, I have learned if you are ever feeling guilty about the way you talk to your kids just bribe will make them happy and you will feel tons better. It's really parenting at it's best.

Now onto P90X. I have had it for about a week now and have been sore for a week. It is seriously the most hard core thing I have ever ATTEMPTED to do. It has successfully made muscles hurt that I didn't even know existed and made me look like a complete idiot while doing it. However, I don't think I have ever felt so incompetent than when doing Plyometrics. This is a combo of jumping and agility moves and I am terrible at all of them. The worst part though is there is someone on there with a FAKE leg and he does all the moves perfectly!! You have never known what it means to feel out of shape when someone who has a wooden leg can jump higher and faster than you. I was also trying to do the Yoga video one day when J.O. walked in. This particular part was having you balance your entire body on your elbows. I just started laughing but J.O. gave it a try and did it immediately so I thought I should be able to do it too. I mean, I don't know why I thought that considering he is much stronger than I am, but I didn't want to look dumb. So, I hiked my elbows on top of my knees and then tried to push up with my hands. I immediately fell forward onto my head and my old school clippy that was holding my hair back smashed into my skull. This was the exact moment Tony Horton (video instructor) said, "if you fall forward skip this move until you are stronger because you will fall on your head." Really Tony??? You couldn't have said this 5 seconds ago and saved my head from being crushed and the clippy that I have had since 1985 from being broken??

Anyway, I'm determined to stick with the videos and see what happens. Pretty sure I will do them all and then STILL put on my tankini to go lay out. Oh well, I can dream.


  1. "Lets burn off some goo today"...sound familiar?? I think I hear that in my sleep sometimes! Hang in there! :) Pics are too cute!

  2. Haha Tamra your posts always make me laugh. It's good to hear that your Addison growls at people too, because when we were taking Addi's Easter pics she also growled at the camera lady for getting in her face. Just remember you gotta BRING IT.