Saturday, March 13, 2010


Okay, so I have posted plenty about Wal-Mart but never about Target. Since this is my second .
home away from Wal-Mart I figure I should post about it too. Thursday I stopped by Target to grab some things and when I was checking out the cashier started talking about a bug bite she had gotten. Okay, cool, whatever is what I was thinking. Well, then she proceeds to show it to me and talk about how bad it itched etc.. It was all I could do not to go, "Sick! Please remove your infested hands from all my items immediately." I mean, who does that? What if it was something more than a bug bite? I seriously considered running to buy a can of Lysol and spraying everything down quickly. Instead, I just mumbled something about spring being right around the corner and sometimes these things happen and grabbed my things really quickly.

It's so strange to me how open people feel the need to be sometimes. Some things should really be left between you and your doctor and odd growths on your hand should be one of them.

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