Monday, January 25, 2010

Britney Spears....

I realized something terrible this weekend...I was allowing Addison to act like Britney Spears. Remember when she went crazy and there were all these pics of her coming in and out of public places barefoot?? Well, that has been Addison and I just now realized it.

Friday we had to run a few errands so I loaded them up and headed out. Our first stop was to a very classy expensive salon to get Treys haircut. Now since this was a very classy expensive salon I was shocked to walk in and find out that they were running a special for $4.99 haircuts. (please sense the sarcasm...if a salon is running a "special" on haircuts in the first place they probably aren't too classy.) Anyway, Trey was getting his haircut and Addison became restless with me holding her so I went to the front and let her walk around. Now, at this point I noticed she was in her sock feet but really didn't pay that much attention to it. After all, with the haircuts costing so much I'm sure they were able to pay for good housekeeping.

Fast forward to the next errand which was the vets office. We have to buy Bellas dog food from a vet because she has such special skin needs. It's not annoying to me at all that I have to make a special trip to a vet and pay more for dog food than groceries for my children. ( sarcasm). I hauled the kids inside and Trey immediately started making a scene by gagging. He can't stand the smell of grooming places or vets and I really have to agree. However, he has no idea that you ACT like it doesn't make you want to vomit and he proceeds to yell out how bad it smells and gag every 2 seconds.

I get that under control and tell the woman at the front desk that I need dog food and she wants to know if we had been there before. I said no and she says she doesn't know if she can sell it because it's a prescription food. For a second I really think she may have things confused and maybe she thinks I want food for Addison or something. This is the point I put Addison down because I can tell this lady isn't going to budge anytime soon. The lady and I go back and forth and finally she agrees to ask the vets permission and I act like this is such a great idea. I'm thinking that this lady should be in charge of security at the airport because no one would ever get past her.

This is the moment I look over and notice Addison walking barefoot (socks) among the dirty vet floor. It was almost like she started walking in slow motion (probably because she does) and I was appalled. Needless to say I ran home and put shoes on her immediately and she acted like they were the craziest things she had ever tried to walk with. She ripped them off and growled at me so I am just hoping she doesn't start running out of gas stations barefoot. That may be worse than the vet.

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