Saturday, January 9, 2010

Addison and Trey

So excited to give me my coffee mug!
The chairs Santa brought! (Addy had just woken up!)

Helmet, knee pads and elbow pads were required to ride around house!

Addison wondering what the big deal was. She may take after her momma in the morning.

I realize I haven't really posted much on Addison and Trey lately so I thought I would put some new pics up of the kids. Most of these are from Christmas at our house because I haven't posted them yet.

Addison will be a year old in a few weeks. It seems absolutely impossible. This year has gone by faster than any other year and I really don't see it slowing down anytime soon. She is such a mess. Her personality is already so strong and she is not afraid to show you what she is thinking/feeling. She is the perfect second child because she is pretty tough and able to handle a lot of things from Trey that most babies wouldn't handle too well. I also haven't "babied" her nearly as much as I did Trey and it's amazing the difference that can make. I can basically tell her goodnight and lay her down and she will play until she puts herself to sleep. Trey was still being rocked to sleep at a year! One thing I do have to admit I give into is holding her. She crawls and pulls up on my legs all the time so I carry her around a lot. I have mastered a lot of things one handed. She is taking about 5 or 6 steps at a time but she goes so fast that she usually falls. I love her little personality and wouldn't take her strong will away for anything!

Trey will be 4 in a few months. That also seems impossible. This year we will start preschool, t-ball and a lot of other things. He is still very laid-back and can entertain himself well, but he is also not going to be pushed around (if that makes any sense!). He has a specific way he likes things done and gets really upset when things don't go his way. He is very smart and knows all his letter sounds and is working on spelling things. He loves learning all that he can about everything. His favorite thing to do is play the wii and his Nintendo DS. He really never missed a beat when Addison was
born and loves doing things that make her laugh.

Well, if you are still reading this and you aren't my mother or mother in law I am very impressed! I usually don't write things like this, but if I don't one day I will forget it all!!

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  1. I love those little chairs! I can't believe Addie will 1 year in a few weeks! You have 2 great kids! And I love the snuggie post! I haven't bought one yet, but I'm ready too! You are right they need to change the marketing! Miss you!