Monday, January 11, 2010

Patty and Victoria

So, my sister in law has a great post about the sewing class we took Saturday( complete with pictures but of course I have to throw my 2 cents in. I knew we would have fun taking the sewing class but I had no idea how much fun it would be. The class started with a video on sewing machines. I figured it would be about the basic parts of the machine, but oh was I wrong. It was basically a plug for the machine they carry and how all other machines stink....especially the ones you buy at big retail stores. At this point I was desperately trying to cover up the word Sears on my sewing manual. Then they started talking about how some of these machines wiggle and don't have a metal casing on the inside. Janelle started trying to peek through holes in her machine in case the teacher started checking.

It may help if I explain our teacher. She was not what you would call the "grandmotherly sewer." She had a gruff voice with a smokers cough and cursed on more than one occasion so you can see why we were fearful.

After the video she proceeded to ask Janelle to borrow her thread. I was excited that she was being used as the example of the class, but things went downhill quickly. She started demonstrating how easily it was to break her string because it was so cheap and terrible and bought at Wal-Mart. She then told us to go out to the store and pick out one of the threads they sell. Again, I was very excited because I thought maybe this was included in the cost of the class, but when we got back in there she told us to save the barcode so we could pay for it. Needless to say, I don't enjoy paying as much for thread as I do a fast food meal.

Then, on to sewing. Apparently if you own a manual machine like Patty you are so far down on the sewing totem pole. The teacher never failed to let everyone know that my machine wouldn't do as much as everyone else's and that Janelle and I neither one owned a Janome (the only good brand like they sale...duh!). I was the example for the class more than once but not in a good way. When the class was over she suggested that a lot of people put their machines in seat belts if they don't have a carrying case (which of course we didn't) so we were so pumped to get outside and seat belt ours in. Since Victoria was a little fancier she was able to ride in Hadley's car seat (we figured Hadley could handle just wearing a seat belt) and I buckled mine in next to hers.

Janelle and I were the only ones in class without cases for our machines, only one in there who commented on how "pretty" certain machines were, and the only ones who had a camera out modeling our work. It was the most fun thing I have done in a while and I am so excited to take more classes. The teacher, I'm sure, will cringe when she sees us coming.

*Obviously Hadley wasn't with us. Wouldn't want to get Janelle in trouble by all the millions (3) people who read my blog.
Also, my sewing machine is Patty and hers is Victoria. The names describe them perfectly.


  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post! Can't wait to meet Patty! I will say I'm a little jealous of how much fun you had with sewing. Wish I could enjoy this with you.