Thursday, January 7, 2010

The blanket with sleeves....

Whoever is in charge of the Snuggies marketing should be fired. These blankets are the best thing to ever be invented however, since they made them look so ridiculous everyone is too ashamed to "rock" the Snuggie publicly. I mean, all they had to do was show a woman eating ice cream in the recliner while wearing the Snuggie and all would have been fine...or maybe even get a celebrity to promote a Snuggie and everyone would have ran to buy one. But since they went out of their way to make the most ridiculous (gayest) commercial ever, everyone is too embarrassed to publicly admit they wear one.

I may or may not own one of these things and I may or may not be wearing it right now, but the reason I will never fully own up to it with pictures is all Snuggies fault. After all, no one wants to be thought of as the person who would really wear one to a ballgame even though I'm sure it would keep you very warm.

Snuggie...if you are reading this, call me. I have some really good ideas. It includes me, my Snuggie, and my minivan. It will be a hit.


  1. Oh girl...I have a big fat snuggie with razorbacks on it and I will publicly tell you that I LOVE it! But no, I wouldn't wear it out in the public! Miss you! :)

  2. You are so right, their commercials are out of this world terrible!!!! AND I DON'T own one... I'm scared someone might find me in one and laugh... Ill stick to the blanket and heater!!