Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The vacations not over......

I have mentioned before that I am doing the Gideon Bible study at church right now.  What I might not have mentioned is that I am getting a double dose.  On Tuesday mornings I help lead the discussion with a group, and on Wednesday night, I attend and learn from another teacher.  The best part about it is, we are one week ahead on Wednesday night so I look really smart when I head to class on Tuesday.  I'm not sure those ladies have figured out my secret.

Anyway, yesterday we finished up our Tuesday class.  Part of the day that I discussed started with the example of her children (Priscilla Shirer) on vacation.  They go to a camp each year and one of her boys spends the entire time worrying about when they are going to have to leave.  He can't enjoy the time together because he is constantly worrying about it being almost time to go.  This is so much like Trey when we head to the beach each year.  He wakes up every morning asking when we have to leave, how many days are left, and when it comes to Friday he is so bummed that it's our last day, he can't even enjoy it.

We found out last night that everything is now in place for B's relative to receive temporary custody.  However, we are not going to move him until Friday because that is what works the best for everyone. I immediately started thinking...okay, 2 1/2 more days with him.  We will be able to hang out together on Wednesday but I need to run errands, I need to go get this, this and this for him to take, I need to figure out how to handle Friday morning with him at school and so forth.  I felt like Trey...the countdown was on.

Then, one of my friends, who I also learn from on Tuesday mornings, reminded me that the vacations not over.  I don't need to focus on the few days we have left together but make the most of it.  I need to finish strong and be thankful for the time we have had B.  It's going to be odd not going to pick him up on Monday.  It's going to be quiet next week without a crying baby to hold while I cook dinner.  It's going to be hard when Addison realizes the finality of the situation.

But until then...the vacations not over.

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