Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blanket Obsession!!

These pics are out of order, but I have never figured that out on blogger.

Addison crying, waiting on the blanket to get out of the dryer.
Reaching for the dryer screaming..."my banket, my banket."

What started it all....playing in the bathtub with her blanket.

For those that know Addison well, you know that a pink blanket follows her wherever she goes. It started out as a pretty strong "like" but as she gets older it is turning into an obsession. She never puts it down so when I have to wash it she stands at the washer and cries until it gets done. Her new thing is to want it when she takes a bath. I have always put my foot down and made it sit beside the bathtub until she gets out. Well, tonight she was soooo cranky so I gave in and let it take a bath with her. Then, when she got in with it she started crying saying "banket wet!" You can't win with this child. Anyway, after the bath I had to go put the blanket in the dryer and she stood there and cried for 10 mins until I got it out and gave it to her damp. She is such a mess!!

The video is Trey singing the Razorback fight song. It took me 4 years to learn this thing and Trey picked it up in one afternoon. (Excuse his lack of clothes....he prefers to run around in the buff at home and obviously, as indicated above, I let my children do whatever they want.)

Notice the serious face until he starts. He means business.