Sunday, October 17, 2010

10 year reunion and Birthday Present!

The camera that has changed my life!

Court, me, and Amy at the reunion.

Addison running away from the picture.

Eating at Juanitas!

This weekend was our 10 year reunion and I had a great time seeing everyone and catching up! Friday night Amy and I took Trey and Lane to the football game and they had so much fun playing and watching the game. Trey has learned a lot from J.O. cause all he kept saying is 1st down and Boo Cave City! It was pretty funny! Lane just wanted to run out on the field and play. At one point he escaped and made it on the track before his 8 month preggo mom caught him. Saturday we went to the park with the kids and let everyone play. Addison really showed her true colors there! She got hungry and cranky towards the end and didn't want to sit down with the other kids to have her picture taken. Out of all the kids she was the ONLY one who kept getting up immediately and running out of the picture. Then she yelled at a poor girl who tried to help her get into the swing. She made me take her back out and redo it with only me helping. Last night we went to Sticky Fingers and had a ton of fun getting out of the house with no kids! J.O. and I went out to eat with Amy and Josh before to watch the game and eat some good food. I thought J.O. and Josh were going to start throwing things at the T.V. because the game turned bad so fast!! At least the food was good!

My birthday is tomorrow and I have been asking for a small digital camera that I can take anywhere with me. The one I have is not very big but it's too big for me. It also was an after Christmas sale and it has pretty much been worth the $100 bucks it cost me 3 years ago. It's just not that great. So...I pretty much gave J.O. free reign to get me whatever small digital camera would be good with the kids. I have to say, I want to marry this new camera. It's the new Nikon Coolpix and it's the most awesome thing I have ever seen. It looks like a phone its so small and it's all touchscreen. It also has an HD video camera. However, one of the coolest things I have found is called auto smile. You can turn it to this setting and it will automatically take the picture when the person smiles. Trey (and J.O.) had a blast playing with this today. Trey would make the worst face and then smile really fast to see if it would catch him. I have to say the camera won every time. That sucker is fast and would snap the photo in like half a second. It also lets you put the picture in black and white by just touching a button or you can blur out the background or write on the picture with your finger! Seriously, I am in love with this thing. It was the best birthday/anniversary present I have gotten in a very long time!

Tomorrow starts the last year in my 20's! My sister has been very gracious to point this fact out to me a lot today. Maybe I should do something really crazy to mark my 29th year. Like stay up until 10:00 3 nights a week. That sounds super crazy to me!


  1. I give the 10:00 thing 1 week...if that!! Haha! Happy early birthday T!!

  2. Fun! Your hair looks so cute! I'm thinking about cutting mine off, but I'm kinda scared. I've never had short hair!

  3. Thanks! I am liking it but I do miss my long hair. It makes it easier to throw it up when its long and Im lazy!