Monday, December 30, 2013

How things are going…..

To say we have completely settled in as a family of 6 would probably be a lie.  We got the girls a week before Christmas so nothing has been normal or a regular schedule.  'Anna's' daycare has been closed the whole time school has been out and "A's" daycare has been on a limited schedule.  I have yet to see what it will be like getting 2 kids to AB, one child down Hwy 10 and one child to Colonel Glenn.  I have a feeling we will all be on a stricter routine at that point.  Luckily 'Anna's' daycare is in the process of trying to run a van to pick her up in the mornings so if that goes through it will be a huge blessing.  The afternoon pick up however, might be a different story!

The girls however, have adjusted so well.  'Anna' was here so often that she never broke stride.  The baby took a bit longer but now is on a better routine and loves having big sis with her.  The other day she just sat in the floor and watched her while laughing as hard as she could.

We got the girls on Tuesday the 17th and that day Addison came home sick with the stomach bug.  Trey woke up with it Wednesday morning but had a very mild version.  It hit me Thursday morning and I was down for the count. J. O. had to do drop off and pick up for everyone, not to mention handling a baby who was still all out of sorts.  If there is one thing I have learned, it's that every time you do anything with "fatherless" kids Satan uses whatever he can to get in.  I was sick in bed thinking we had made a huge mistake.  I couldn't handle 4 kids and I was officially going to become that crazy lady people whisper about.  You know the one who is running around like a wild woman.  Yeah, that was going to be me (and probably still is).  Addison wasn't adjusting well and even told us to take 'Anna' home at one point.

When I finally started feeling better I realized that God must have something huge in store for all of us with these girls.  Satan was working overtime that first week to make me doubt every decision we had made.  J.O. was exhausted, I was still weak, the kids were cranky, the baby was scared and that left an almost 2 year old running the house.  However, as I realized this and knew what was happening, things changed.  That's not to say I woke up last week and everything was rainbows and Sunshine.  Not at all.  I've already had several paperwork issues, Addison is still slowly adjusting and so forth.  However, I can't help but think of when we got B.  Trey had a terrible stomach bug that lasted for days when we got him and then B pretty much cried the first few nights all night.  I was overwhelmed, exhausted and wanting to go back to normal.  However, I wouldn't trade the time we had with him for anything.

I sent my mom a pic last Sunday of all 3 girls dressed up and ready for church.  She just wrote back how blessed I was to have these babies and I couldn't agree more!  I wish you could all see the faces with these sweet names.  It's not the image of foster care you usually imagine.


  1. i hope all who read this blog remember the normans in their prayers and get their churches praying for them too! when you are impacting the Kingdom by fostering children, like you all are doing, i am sure it's "all hands on deck" for the devil. let the devil walk about roaring, because WE KNOW he loses! we have already been given the victory! because, as scripture says, train up a child in the way they should go and when they grow old, they will not depart from it. do you get what that means?! you and J.O. are laying a foundation for these children, planting and nurturing the seeds that are falling on to good soil!!! ...and these special souls, that have been entrusted to you and J.O., will have the truth, the way and the life rooted deep, deep in their hearts - their souls in God's very hand. the enemy can never pluck them from there! even when it gets really, really tough - persevere. and when we all stand before His throne one day, i'll be so excited to hear Him say to the normans, "well done, my good and faithful servants!"

    1. Thank you so much Casey!!! You have a way of putting things into words and I just really don't want to mess it up by responding!! :)